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1. Critically analyse current theory and best practice in change management.

Module Title: 348SAM Assignment Number CW1 Module Code: Managing Change

Assessment Information

This assignment is designed to assess learning outcomes:

1. Critically analyse current theory and best practice in change management.

2. Develop a change management plan and outline its implementation, demonstrating how managers and organisations manage change in a sustainable way.

3. Conduct critical analysis of information related to change and suggest improvements so that responsible effective management is carried out.

This assignment is an individual assignment. The assignment requires you to use the case study provided on the Moodle webpage: Abdullah and Siti-Nabiha (2012) Leadership and Change Management: A Case Study of Pemancar.

▪ Critically evaluate at least 2 diagnostic models and apply 1 to your chosen case study. (2,000 words)

▪ Critically discuss the interventions (at least 2) you would implement in your case study. (1,000 words)

▪ Critically analyse any resistances you anticipate and provide recommendations for addressing them. (500 words)

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