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1. Evaluate communication choices in naturally occurring settings with respect to levels of good faith, empathy, mutual goal satisfaction and social propriety

Subject Title 
ECP121 - Communications and Conflict Management

Subject Description 
This course is an introduction to the basic concepts, theories and practices involved in effective interpersonal relations and conflict management. Good communication skills are a vital component to handling emergency callers and students will be given the required skills to communicate effectively and professionally. Conflict is also an inevitable part of any organization. Information within this subject will assist the student in understanding the difference between functional and dysfunctional conflict and will provide a useful model of conflict development to diagnose and treat conflicts in the workplace. Our goal will be to enable students to become more understanding, sensitive, skillful and self-assured in dealing with the many difficult interpersonal situations that they will encounter, both personally and professionally.

Learning Outcomes : ECP121 - Communications and Conflict Management
Upon successful completion of this subject the student will be able to:

1. Evaluate communication choices in naturally occurring settings with respect to levels of good faith, empathy, mutual goal satisfaction and social propriety

2. Identify and analyze mutual influences between such aspects as self-concept, social norms, gender and culture in relation to interpersonal communication in various settings

3. Demonstrate active involvement and empathy as a listener through such techniques as open-ended questions, paraphrasing and reflecting feelings

4. Identify the emotions of frustration, anger, and aggression and sadness by checking verbal and nonverbal cues

5. Describe and analyze relationship stages and patterns that develop in relationships and formulate communication strategies for discussing and influencing them in work, social and intimate settings

6. Identify personal styles of communication and those of others while enhancing more effective communication/interpersonal communication

7. Identify the traits of a communication cycle and demonstrate its use

8. Formulate and analyze issues and conflicts, including those characterized by differences in perception and/or goals and develop communication strategies for constructive management of these issues and conflicts

9. Integrate psychological insights in the management of interpersonal relations and conflicts

10. Evaluate the importance of communication skills in conflict management while applying various conflict resolution strategies

11. Participate in class activities, discussions and assignments in order to facilitate skill development and improvement

ECP121 - Communications and Conflict Management

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