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1. Human Resource functions a. Add the areas of concerns regarding Mike and John

Review what you wrote about Mike and John in the Case Assignment which is located below and then write this assignment based on the information below.
After your initial conversations with Mike and John, you have learned some new information. John has published the conversations between you, him and Mike on both Facebook and LinkedIn which have reached your corporate headquarters in England. Please note John is being considered for a position in England in the
next 3 months. Mike is a bit upset about the postings and raised an informal grievance against John and plans to take it up with the union if you do not respond within 72 hours. You were considering endorsing John to take the position in England because you want to hire 2 more employees and promote Mike. In the meantime, corporate headquarters have tasked you with writing a report to inform them about the status of your medical facility, which include: (1) personnel concerns and/or staffing (2) needs technology
needs/upgrades, and (3) to identify three (3) areas that impact your day-to-day operations they can assist with in the near future.

Based on the above scenario, write a 5 page paper that addresses the 3 areas you have to report to headquarters. In your response, it is okay to use a medical facility you are familiar with or find one you are interested in (this will require a little research to familiarize yourself with the one you selected) specifically address the following
1. Human Resource functions
a. Add the areas of concerns regarding Mike and John
b. Add staffing needs, promotion considerations, etc., in the report
c. Labor Unions
*State what you considered and your plan to address John’s
*State the most important considerations in dealing with the union
2. Reporting and Technology
Very Important , make sure you
a. Add an Executive Summary at the beginning of the report (include
costs adding personnel, technology, etc.) Hint: See executive
summary links in backround readings
b. Describe the technology needs and or upgrades and provide
benefits to the organization (including its beneficial impact on the
Headquarters in England)
3. Global View and Future Trends
a. Provide no more than a 1 page summary of the direction your
facility is headed
b. Illustrate how your global view/future trends provide a competitive
advantage compared to other like organizations
In the above scenario and questions, do not merely respond as a
checklist, but have fun with this assignment. Show me what you
learned and teach me something in your report about managing
medical facilities

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