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A Universal Bank in Africa (Bank of Africa-ZM) which engages in trade finance requires a corresponding bank in the United Kingdom to make international payments, to be able to carry out international transactions.

Assessment Information/Brief 2020-21

To be used for all types of assessment and provided to students at the start of the module.

Information provided should be compatible with the detail contained in the approved module specification although may contain more information for clarity.

Module title

Banking and Financial Regulation





Assessment title

Banking and Finance Regulation Project

Weighting within module

This assessment is worth 100% of the overall module mark.

Submission deadline date and time


Module Leader/Assessment set by

How to submit

You should submit your assessment on Blackboard on the main page

Assessment task details and instructions

Please note:

Discuss means evaluate the good and bad aspects of an issue, the for and against of any proposition before coming to a balanced and informed judgement that is persuasive.

Part 1

A Universal Bank in Africa (Bank of Africa-ZM) which engages in trade finance requires a corresponding bank in the United Kingdom to make international payments, to be able to carry out international transactions. Specifically, they want the bank to be able to confirm its letters of credit to enhance their trade finance portfolio.  As a financial advisor, recommend which of the UK banks (Royal Bank of Scotland, HSBC and Lloyds) should be the first choice for Bank of Africa -ZM to correspond with.  An overall assessment is required based on the anlaysis of the following:

a) Liquidity


c) Profitability

Additional Instruction

Use Osiris database to find financial reports for Royal Bank of Scotland, HSBC and Lloyds Bank.

A five-year historical performance is adequate for assessing the perfomances of the banks.

It is expected that the assessment is well structured and adequately discussed by comparing ratios and other variables.

Using graphs will enhance your evaluation and presentation, and will help reduce your word count. (40 marks)

Part 2- Answer both quesions

Question 1

Bank of Africa-ZM is concerned about its compliance with the Global Anti-Money Laundering Law.  As an Anti-Money Laundering Officer, discuss the concept and stages of money laundering, and describe the types of transactions that may be reported as suspicious. (30 marks)

Question 2

The role of shadow banking on economies is an ongoing debate. Increased services to Small and Medium Enterprises is seen as one benefit of  Shadow Banking. On the other hand,  others consider it as very risky. Discuss.

                 (30 marks)

Intended Learning Outcomes

Knowledge and Understanding (maximum of 5)

On successful completion the student will be able to:

  1. Prepare a protocol for the evaluation of credit decisions within a financial organisation.
  2. Devise a “dashboard” that measures debt impairment and identifies the main causal factors.
  3. Amend and update systems manuals to ensure compliance with statutory and regulatory procedures.
  4. Prepare reports for managers that assesses the impact of economic events on performance.

Key Subject Specific Skills (maximum of 5)

On completion the student will be able to:

  1. Apply Information technology in evaluating the consequences of modern bank management techniques
  1. Formulate alternative strategies to problem situations.
  2. Evaluate and judge behaviour of strategic choices on bank performance under different market scenarios.
  3. Locate, summarise and synthesise a range of information from electronic data sources relevant to modern international banking.
  4. Work independently and collaboratively with others, developing team working and leadership skills appropriate to traders and risk analyst and finance managers operating in a global business context.

Aims of Module

  1. Equip students with appropriate tools of analysis to understand the basic mechanics of banks’ financial instruments and their role in the financial markets
  2. A critical appreciation of the current regulatory framework and its evolution.
  3. Apply critical frameworks that will enable students to evaluate the globalization of financial markets and the effect on banking and the financial services industry.
  4. Evaluate critically various types of risks and their effect on bank performance and profitability and sustainability.  

Word count/ duration (if applicable)

Your assessment should be no more than 3,000 words (plus a 10% allowance) excluding diagrams and numbers.

The 3,000 limit applies to each section pro rata based on the marks e.g. a 30 mark section should be no more than 900 words plus the 10% allowance of 90.

Excess words in any question or section of a question will not be marked.

More words do not imply more marks, but rather too often lengthy submissions have not been critically reread, are poorly planned and clumsily expressed.

University late submission rules will apply.

Feedback arrangements

You can expect to receive feedback by

Support arrangements

You can obtain support for this assessment by consulting with staff delivering the module and taking note of the help available on Blackboard


The University offers a range of support services for students through askUS.

Good Academic Conduct and Academic Misconduct

Students are expected to learn and demonstrate skills associated with good academic conduct (academic integrity). Good academic conduct includes the use of clear and correct referencing of source materials. Here is a link to where you can find out more about the skills which students require http://www.salford.ac.uk/skills-for-learning.

Academic Misconduct is an action which may give you an unfair advantage in your academic work. This includes plagiarism, asking someone else to write your assessment for you or taking notes into an exam. The University takes all forms of academic misconduct seriously.  You can find out how to avoid academic misconduct here https://www.salford.ac.uk/skills-for-learning.

Assessment Information

If you have any questions about assessment rules, you can find out more here.

Personal Mitigating Circumstances

If personal mitigating circumstances may have affected your ability to complete this assessment, you can find more information about personal mitigating circumstances procedure here.

Personal Tutor/Student Progression Administrator

If you have any concerns about your studies, contact your Personal Tutor or your Student Progression Administrator.

Assessment Criteria

Assessment Criteria will be available on Blackboard and will be discussed during the module.

You should look at the assessment criteria to find out what we are specifically looking at during the assessment.

General overall descriptors

Less than 50

Basic knowledge with occasional inaccuracies. Superficial depth or limited breadth with unsatisfactory identification of key themes. Critical analysis evident, with some evaluation and synthesis, although limited. Some appropriate academic argument although not well applied and lacking in clarity. Unsatisfactory application of the theory with the real world example. Unsatisfactory academic style.  Unsatisfactory in relation to structure, logical progression and clarity. 


Mostly accurate knowledge with satisfactory depth and breadth. Fair identification of key themes. Sound critical analysis and evaluation. Relevant academic argument.  Demonstrates basic ability to synthesize information in order to formulate appropriate conclusions. Integration of theory and practice. Acceptable academic style.  Fair in relation to structure, logical progression and clarity. Few inconsistencies in use of language/ grammar. Reasonable presentation of results. 


Consistently accurate knowledge with appropriate depth and breadth.  Good identification of key themes. Clear, in depth critical analysis, evaluation and academic argument with synthesis of different ideas and perspectives. Aware of the influence of varied perspectives. Clear and relevant application of theory to practice. Good academic style. Well presented in relation to structure, logical progression and clarity. Very few inconsistencies in use of language/ grammar. Good presentation or results.

70 +

Comprehensive knowledge demonstrating very good depth.  Demonstrates ability to transfer knowledge between different contexts appropriately. Very good analysis and synthesis of material with evidence of critique and independent thought.  Aware of and able to integrate various perspectives. Clear insight into links between theory and practice. Very good academic style.  Very well presented in relation to structure, logical progression and clarity. No inconsistencies in use of language/ grammar. Very good presentation of results.

In Year Retrieval Scheme

Your assessment is not eligible for in year retrieval. If you are eligible for this scheme, you will be contacted shortly after the feedback deadline.


If you fail your assessment, and are eligible for reassessment, you will need to resubmit on or before tba. For students with accepted personal mitigating circumstances for absence/non submission, this will be your replacement assessment attempt. 

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