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Answer: Unit STL3C10: Support assessment for learning

Unit STL3C10: Support assessment for learning

2 Be able to use assessment strategies to promote learning

2.1 Use clear language and examples to discuss and clarify personalised learning goals and criteria for assessing progress with learners Direct observation

2.2 Use assessment opportunities and strategies to gain information and make judgements about how well learners are participating in activities and the progress they are making Direct observation

3 Be able to support learners in reviewing their learning strategies and achievements

3.1 Use information gained from monitoring learner participation and progress to help learners to review their learning strategies, achievements and future learning needs Direct observation

3.2 Demonstrate ways to encourage learners to communicate their needs and ideas for future learning Direct observation

3.3 Show how to support learners in using peer assessment and self-assessment to evaluate their learning achievements

3.4 Show how to support learners to:

 reflect on their learning

 identify the progress they have made

 identify their emerging learning needs

 identify the strengths and weaknesses of their learning strategies and plan how to improve them Direct observation

4 Be able to contribute to reviewing assessment for learning

4.1 Provide feedback to the teacher on:

 learner participation and progress in the learning activities

 learners’ engagement in and response to assessment for learning

 learners’ progress in taking responsibility for their own learning

5 Be able to maintain learner records

5.1 Collate the information needed to update learner records from valid and reliable sources

5.2 Show how to raise any concerns about the information with the relevant people

5.3 Review learner records to ensure they are accurate, complete and up to date

5.4 Show how to maintain confidentiality according to organisational and legal requirements

5.5 Use organisational procedures to ensure secure storage of learner records

Unit STL3C10: Support assessment for learning

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