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BSBLED807-Assessment Task 2 Choose a target group of a company/organisation you have worked for or have good knowledge about

BSBLED807-Assessment Task 2 – Practical Activity 

Instructions for Students

  • This assessment task requires you to demonstrate the skills of establishing career development service.
  • In order to complete this assessment task, you will need to establish career development services to a target group within an organisation. An appropriate target group for your research and assessment may be those who are from the organisations you worked for or you have good knowledge about. Examples include support workers in an aged care facility, waiters in a restaurant or coffee shop, administration team from a company, customer services team, marketing team etc.
  • While choosing the target group for your research, you must also consider the accessibility of relevant workplace documentation and resources, and office materials etc in relation to establishing career development services. During your research, you are required to apply and comply with regulatory requirements, policies, guidelines, standards and resources, and career development standards and you may need to interact with others to obtain relevant information for your research in order to complete this assessment task.
    • For this task, you are to complete the following four (4) steps when researching and studying the target group you choose in a company/organisation. You are also required to document all the evidence specified in the fifteen (15) research questions.
    • You must provide sufficient evidence/response to each of the fifteen (15) research questions under the four steps and demonstrate satisfactory foundation skills in oral communication and interaction with others while doing classroom/online discussion activities to be deemed satisfactory in this task (Word Limit for this task: 3000-4000 words)
    • This is an individual assessment.
    • To make full and satisfactory responses, you should conduct thorough research of a target group, consult a range of learning resources and other information such as handouts and textbooks, learners’ resources and slides etc.
    • You will complete the task in a word document with the answer to each research question.
    • You must include the following particulars in the footer section of each page of the word document:
      • Student ID or Student Name
      • Unit ID or Unit Code
      • Course ID or Course Code
      • Trainer and assessor name
      • Page numbers
  • You must staple the loose sheets together along with the cover page.
  • You must attach the loose sheets chronologically as per the page numbers.
  • Correction fluid and tape are not permitted. Please do any corrections by striking through the incorrect words with one or two lines and rewriting the correct words.
  • Choose an appropriate target group for research and consult your trainer for help and support.
  • Read the research questions carefully and critically analyse them to understand the requirements before commencing the research. This will help you to identify what evidence are needed for compiling the responses to each research question.
  • Your responses must demonstrate an understanding and application of relevant concepts, critical thinking, and good writing skills.
  • When you quote, paraphrase, summarise or copy information from the sources you are using to write your responses to the research questions, you must always acknowledge the source using Harvard Reference Style

Research Questions

Step 1: Choose a target group

  1. Choose a target group of a company/organisation you have worked for or have good knowledge about. You can choose from the following target groups, but not limited to:

- A team of support workers in an aged care facility

- A team of waitresses/waiters in a café/restaurant

- A marketing team of a company/organisation

- A customer service team of a company/organisation

- A administration team a company/organisation

Write a paragraph to briefly introduce the company/organisation including its core business, purpose, size, complexity and broader operating context and identify the role of the target group in the operation of the company/organisation.

Step 2: Plan for the career development services for the target group by applying the career development theories.

  1. Analyse the career development needs of the target group and its line manager (s) and document your analysis.
  2. Plan the support systems and resources required to provide high-quality career development service delivery to the target group. Document this plan.
  3. Explain how you would apply effective action-planning skills in career development counselling services.
  4. Explain how you would establish ongoing professional and follow-up support for the target group of career development services.
  5. Identify your own professional development needs while working in this company and describe how you completed required professional development activities (or what your would do to complete the required professional development activities)

Step 3: Implement career development services strategies

  1. Reflecting the contextual needs and aspirations of the target group, develop and document strategies for career development services
  2. Document how you encourage individuals to access and commit to career development services
  3. Establish mechanisms to follow-up the provision of career development services. Document the mechanisms established.
  4. Document the strategies you would implement to ensure the storage, security and privacy of records is in accordance with professional and organisational requirements
  5. Document how you establish the procedures and contacts for referral

Step 4: Review career development services delivery strategies and plans

  1. Review the career development services and the service delivery strategies against the plans and standards, to identify any gaps. Record the review including gaps identified.
  2. Advocate for the needs and choices of the target group and for individual career development
  3. Determine, and document, strategies to improve the quality of career development services, and to address the gaps identified
  4. With key stakeholders, discuss alternative career development strategies. Document the key alternative career development strategies.

Research Observation Criteria Checklist

Instructions for Students

You can view the following checklist as a guide for the areas and criteria that your assessor will be assessing you on while conducting classroom discussion activities. Please note that this checklist is for your assessor to complete only.


Did the student meet the following criteria:



Trainer/Assessor Comments


Was able to present information and discuss ideas using vocabulary and features appropriate to the target groups





Was able to use listening and questioning skills to confirm and clarify understanding





Was able to tailor communication to achieve its purpose, demonstrating understanding of the needs of the particular audience





Was able to invest time and energy in building rapport and positive working relationships with others as an integral part of work-based interactions





Was able to communicate with others to provide professional support and advocacy services




Feedback to student:

The student’s performance was:

Satisfactory                               Not Yet Satisfactory

Student Signature:






Assessor Signature:







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