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Critically appraise a contemporary qualitative research paper using selected criteria.


This is a qualitative research paper in which you are required to critically evaluate the following key components:

  • Clarity of the objectives and goals of the paper

  • The validity of the research methodology

  • Implication of ethical consideration

  • Implementation of correct references, citations, and formatting style


Qualitative Paper Critique

Critically appraise a contemporary qualitative research paper using selected criteria.

For e.g. this can be selected:

Gustafsson, E., Dellve, L., Edlund, M., & Hagberg M. (2003) The use of information technology among young adults – experience, attitudes and health beliefs. Applied Ergonomics, 34, 565-570.

For this assessment component, you should select 3 sections/questions, ive chosen

1:  Was there a clear statement of the aims of the research?

HINT: Consider  What was the goal of the research?  Why it was thought important?  Its relevance

2:  Is a qualitative methodology appropriate?

 HINT: Consider  If the research seeks to interpret or illuminate the actions and/or subjective experiences of research participants, Is qualitative research the right methodology for addressing the research goal?

3: Have ethical issues been taken into consideration?

HINT: Consider  If there are sufficient details of how the research was explained to participants for the reader to assess whether ethical standards were maintained 

If the researcher has discussed issues raised by the study (e.g. issues around informed consent or confidentiality or how they have handled the effects of the study on the participants during and after the study)

 If approval has been sought from the ethics committee


Here are the assessment criteria that will be used for your paper critique:

  • Has the study you are critiquing been clearly identified by citing the full reference at the top of the section?
  • Is the critique for the chosen paper up to 1,000 words in length?
  • Is there a clear structure that includes both an introduction and conclusion?
  • Is the critique structured under the selected headings from the checklist?
  • Does the critique provide sufficient detail to address each of the questions/sections that you are focussing on?
  • Is there consistent evidence of critical evaluation of the paper reviewed?
  • Does the critique present a balanced argument that focuses on both strengths and weaknesses of the paper you have selected?
  • Are all arguments justified using appropriate evidence?
  • Does the critique show an understanding of the principles of qualitative research design that is clearly supported by background reading?
  • Is an appropriate level of coherence and logic evident in the writing of the paper?

You should focus your critique on the 3 sections that you select and should aim to use the allocated word count evenly between each section. For example, you should use approximately 250-300 words for each section and make sure to introduce your paper and to provide a conclusion

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