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Describe the learning context and role of participants learner and facilitator.

Developing Professional Assignment Brief.
Part 1:-demonstrate your understanding of the competency
2 Competency:- one page for each
1/ Promote holistic child development.
2/ Observe, listen and plan for young children to support their well-being, early learning, progression, and transition.
Competencies and personal reflective assignments have to meet the learning outcomes. with references.- (Harvard form).
LO1:- Describe the learning context and role of participants learner and facilitator.
LO2:- Demonstrate skills, practice, and knowledge in early years settings.
LO3:- Identify practice that promotes the individual needs of children.

Using Reflective cycle: Gibbs, G (1988) Learning by doing: a guide to teaching and learning method, London: FEU (Description, Feelings, Evaluation, Description, Conclusion, Action plan.) with references.

Reflect on your personal experience your developing professionalism and learning (2000 words)
Link them to learning outcomes

Description; where were you, why were you there, what were you doing, what were other people doing, what was the context of the event, what happened, what was your part in this, what part did the other people play, what was the result?

Feelings; what are your feelings and thoughts at this stage, what were you thinking about at the time, how did this situation make you feel, how did other people make you feel, what do you think about it now?

Evaluation: positive and negative aspects of the experience. Describe key elements that went particularly well. what was positive about the Description and what could improve or reflected upon?

Analysis: (in-deep description) attempts to explain why the experience was positive or negative and should form the largest section of your reflection. ( Consider your role in the experience and how you contributed to the success of these experiences ( think about description and feelings).

Conclusion: focus on what you have learned, skills you developed as a result of the experience or situations, how would you apply them in the future? Are there areas of knowledge or particular skills you need to develop? Is there anything you would do differently in the future? Try to give a specific example.

Action Plan: Identify goal (s), skills, knowledge, and resources required to determine actions to achieve the goal (s), and determine evaluation frequency.
For the personal reflective assignment liking to learning outcomes

LO1:reflect on your personal learning experience in your first year of your degree with for example 1/ university 2/ Covid 19.
LO2 demonstrate knowledge and skills in for example 1/ inclusion 2/ Advocacy & equality.
LO3: Identity practice that promotes the individual needs of children.

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