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Evaluate examples of management practice.


FDPP 1228

Leading the Team





Submission date:

As per key date schedule

Learning Outcomes Assessed:


Module Leader: Verified by:


Electronic copy available:

Student website


Identify a recent organisational change that has/will impact on your work team. You are required to discuss the implementation of this change within the context of its effect upon the learning outcomes of this module.

Your assignment should be in the form of a written report.

Note well: Throughout your work you must relate appropriate theory to the practice on which you are commenting.

Learning outcomes

  1. Evaluate examples of management practice.
  2. Assess the impact of individual employee’s differences on managerial actions
  3. Plan strategies for successfully implementing change.
  4. Apply the legal aspects of staff management.
  5. Analyse, control and monitor performance.

Assessment criteria

Set within the context of your workplace:

Impact of management styles Change management Performance management

Handing in

Electronic submission of assignments is mandatory. Please note that every assessment must be submitted clearly noting the student name and number. Work must be word-processed/typed. You are required to keep a copy of work handed in.

Late submission of work

It is essential that you submit your work, in order to be able to pass the module. Full details of the regulations regarding late submission and applying for mitigation are available via the Student Handbook and website.

Academic Misconduct Penalties

When a student is found guilty of academic misconduct (cheating), the penalties are severes

  • The assignment will be awarded a fail grade, with zero credit.
  • Penalties may extend beyond the single assignment, and may affect the module grade, and even the classification of the final award.
  • The academic misconduct will be mentioned in any reference given by the university. This means that graduates will find it very difficult to enter careers that involve trust, including Accountancy, Law, Computer Systems Administration, and Computer Security.
    • If the course (or module) is recognised or accredited by a professional organisation, that recognition or accreditation may be withheld from the student.

The normal penalties for a first offence are as below. Penalties for later offences (of any nature) are escalated, and the ultimate penalty is exclusion from the university. The list of offences below is not exhaustive.


Penalty (all points apply)

  • Inadequate referencing, for example occasional omission of quote marks and/or citations
  • Collusion (working with another student or students, except for designated group work)
  • Failure to gain ethical approval for primary research (particularly surveys, questionnaires, interviews, user testing, etc.)
  • Failure of the assignment.
    • Reassessment required.
    • Reassessment assignment grade capped at a D-.
    • Direct quotation or close paraphrasing without quote marks, sources included in reference list
    • Taking a prohibited device into an exam, for example a calculator (unless permitted), a mobile phone, or a dictionary
    • Communicating with anyone other than an invigilator during an exam (for example another candidate; someone

outside the exam room…)

  • Failure of the assignment.
    • Reassessment required.
    • Module grade capped at a bare pass (D-).
    • Using another student’s work without proper acknowledgement
    • Modifying or inventing data that form part of the assignment
    • Direct quotation or close paraphrasing without quote marks, sources NOT included in reference list
    • Stealing another student’s work and submitting it as if it were your own
      • Copying from another candidate during an exam or test
    • In an exam, possession of unauthorised written material (e.g. crib notes), or electronic devices that could be used to access unauthorised material (e.g. smartphones)
      • Failure of the module.
    • Module must be retaken, with attendance and fees.
    • Module grade capped at a bare pass (D-).
    • Getting someone else to complete the assignment, paid or unpaid
      • Sending someone else to take an exam for you
      • Failure of the module.
    • Module must be retaken, with attendance and fees.
    • Module grade capped at a bare pass (D-).
    • Final award classification downgraded.

Word Limits

The word limit does not include the reference list, computer programme code listings, tables, diagrams or reasonably short appendices, but will include quotations, citations and the captions to tables and diagrams. The following penalties can be applied to work which exceeds the stated word limit of 2500 words:

  • Up to 10% over: no penalty
  • 10% to 20% over: one grade point penalty (e.g. B+ to B)
  • 20% to 30% over: two grade points penalty (e.g. B+ to B-)
  • More than 30% over: three grade points penalty (e.g. B+ to C+)

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