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Evaluate the contributions and impacts of events in social, economic, environmental, political, cultural and technological terms.

This paper deals with the primary theme of managing international events in which you have to write a professional report that describes your event ideas with respect to global contemporary challenge. Additionally, focus on the following aspects:

  • The context of the report including aims and success measures
  • Event planning and environmental scanning
  • Marketing approaches, stakeholder engagement
  • Risk strategy and their evaluation
  • Challenges and barriers
  • Explain the impacts of events in social, economic, environmental, political, cultural and technological terms
  • Critically examine the role of opportunities, resources and organisations in event success at international levels


Assessment Information/Brief 2019/20


Module title

Managing International Events





Assessment title

Assignment 2 – Event Planning and Operations Report - Group

Weighting within module

50% of the overall module mark

How to submit

You should submit your assessment via Turnitin to the module in Blackboard. For details of policy on late submission please refer to student handbook. 

Assessment task details and instructions

Event Planning and Operations Report (3500 words)

Your group will deliver a formal, professional report to demonstrate the planning and implementation of your event ideas to your “global contemporary challenge” from assignment 1. The report will focus on the event and the key planning and operational aspects and theory linked to its delivery. The report will demonstrate your understanding and application of planning and operations techniques taught throughout the module. The report should include the following elements:

  • Context of the event - what is the event? objectives and success measures?
  • Event planning and environmental scanning
  • Marketing approaches
  • Stakeholder engagement and involvement
  • Operations and logistics – application of frameworks
  • Risk strategy
  • Evaluation strategy
  • Barriers
  • Recommendations

The marking criteria also requires your group to include information from your own reading, the module content and industry speakers on the module and what have you learned so far. Please make sure that you critically evaluate a range of secondary sources, appraise these models and approaches to provide a detailed rationale and analysis of all aspects of the planning and operational implementation of the event.

A formal, professionally presented report is required which includes font size Arial 12, a clear structure with appendices and all references should be Harvard style. An extensive reference list should be included to demonstrate your depth of knowledge and understanding of the topic.

Please also use the draft Turnitin area and check that you have a low Turnitin score and therefore it is original work and correctly referenced.

Assessed intended learning outcomes

On successful completion of this assessment, you will be able to:

Knowledge and Understanding

  1. Evaluate the contributions and impacts of events in social, economic, environmental, political, cultural and technological terms.
  2. Appreciate the ethical and sustainability issues associated with the operations and developments of events.
  3. Recognise and critically evaluate the role of opportunities, resources and     organisations in event success in the context of the international perspective.

Transferable Skills

  1. Demonstrate effective communication and presentation skills (make written and oral presentations)
  2. Work both individually and collaboratively to solve a given problem.
  3. Manage their time to meet deadlines in both group discussions and in preparation of in-class activities.

Practical, Professional or Subject Specific Skills

  1. 1.    Display an insight into the structure of event providers and their sectors, and analyse the political, technological, social, environmental and economic factors which affect, or impact upon, the supply of, and demand for, events.
    1. Analyse and reflect on the different cultural and business concepts, intercultural and international dimensions of events
    2. Demonstrate a critical awareness and understanding of how core values, for example, ethics, sustainability, creativity, strategy, and continuous improvement, relate to, and are reflected in, events.
    3. Seek and value the views of others building effective working relationships with business managers, peers and other HR functions, together with relevant external organisations. 
    4. Be creative, innovative and enterprising when seeking solutions to business problems that are ethical, sustainable and legal and socially appropriate.
    5. Plan and manage personal development effectively at an individual level (time, behaviour and motivation) as part of a team (leadership, influencing and project managing).
    6. Display tenacity, accountability, resilience and proactivity in the way they go about their role, dealing positively with setbacks when they occur.   

Module Aims

  1. To develop students in depth understanding of event management practices in the international context, enabling students to understand the event planning process and role of suppliers in the industry.
  2. To develop an appreciation of the concepts, range, dimensions and characteristics of contemporary events within the UK and a global context.
  3. To allow students to evaluate the operational issues of events management delivery and understand the event consumer and client and the events experience.

Word count

The maximum word count is 3500 words (+/- 10%) or equivalent. Your word count is from the introduction to the end of the conclusion section. Therefore, it does not include title page, contents page, reference section, appendices etc. If the assessment exceeds these limits; the work in excess of 3500 words is not marked.


If you fail your assessment, and are eligible for reassessment, you will need to resubmit on a date that will be confirmed to you. For students with accepted personal mitigating circumstances, this will be your replacement assessment attempt. If a student needs to be reassessed, s/he will be given a new assignment brief with a deadline, which will be provided by the School.




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