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Evaluate the effective use of project management control systems and techniques across a range of sectors and scenarios.


Module title

Project Management Initiation & Evaluation presentation and statement.

Module code


Module leader


Assessment title

Assignment 2: Contextualised Comparative Study of BIM uptake and application in the delivery of Projects.

Launch date


Submission deadline



Expected date for return of marks and feedback

  • Written feedback, within 3 weeks or, as an End of Year submission, before the Exam Board.
  • Formative feedback will be provided on a submitted draft.







Module outcomes assessed


  1. Evaluate the effective use of project management control systems and techniques across a range of sectors and scenarios.
  2. Critically reflect on the implications of project management through the project life cycle and scheme-by-scheme measures of success.
  3. Apply independently directed research methodologies and problem solving techniques to analyse critically existing case studies in order to assess current and future applications and trends for Building Information Modelling.
  4. Synthesise the findings of relevant research and assumptions against a negotiated project example.

Assessment weighting


Word count (if relevant)

2,500 word report

Assessment task details - provide a description of the task

Through undertaking a comparative study of BIM uptake and application between your own region, and another UK/European/International area, you will produced an evaluation of current and future trends relating to the how these approaches deliver projects, within the specific context of your industry, or the construction sector you select.

You should address:

  1. The key elements of regional/national/international approaches to BIM as appropriate to the areas you have selected, critically comparing and contrasting the approaches you research.
  2. Summarise your findings related to current and future trends based on case studies, both reported and arising from your own workplace, backed by supporting evidence of the delivery of projects.
  3. Paying particular attention to the application of your findings to the particular context of your industry/construction sector, consider how these approaches can or could assist in project delivery, perhaps with regards to implementation, monitoring, interoperability etc.

Submission instructions - What should be the format of the submission? / Where should it be submitted?

To complete this assignment, you will:

  • Produce a structured report, covering the three areas detailed above.
  • This is a contextualised comparative study, where you are expected to apply critical thinking to your research, please ensure this is an academic report, and not a technical reporting of facts and figures.
  • As a Level 6 report, you must ensure all facts, figures, images, quotes and opinions from external sources are clearly referenced using the Harvard System.
  • The final piece of work should be uploaded to Moodle.

Hints and tips

Minimum Expectations

  • Offer a clear introduction to your work, detailing the comparative elements you are examining, introducing your case study/studies, and establishing the industry context you will be using.
  • Consider relevant legislation/regulation/good practice arising through your comparisons.
  • The case studies you select can be positive, negative, or a selection of both, and need not necessarily be directly from your industry as long as you are able to demonstrate their relevance.
  • Ensure you offer critical analysis of your research, rather than simply stating facts and figures in a narrative; your opinions are valid, but must be backed up by your research, or offer a contrast to contrary opinions.
  • There is a good deal of scope here for you to select a particular element of BIM. Provided it is clearly stated at the start of the report, you can chose to focus on one particular element of BIM, as long as your conclusions draw on how this aspect contributes to project delivery.

Further considerations:

  • This is a Project Management module as well as relating to BIM, therefore you can directly relate this to aspects of your previous assignment.

Marking and moderation

Your work will be marked by the module leader, and a selection will be second marked by a member of the Built Environment team. The marking matrix is detailed below. Evaluate the effective use of project management control systems and techniques across a range of sectors and scenarios.

A sample will be checked by the Built Environment external examiner, with the Civil Engineering external examiner reviewing those produced by students on the Civil Engineering programme.

Employability Skills Applied

On successful completion of this module, a student will have had opportunities to demonstrate achievement of the following Employability Skills:






















Digital fluency




Leadership and team working


Critical thinking


Emotional intelligence




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