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Formulate and evaluate a care plan on health promotion for an individual.

Summative assessment

3000 words Essay: Formulate and evaluate a care plan on health promotion for an individual.

Summative assessment

Formulate and evaluate a care plan on health promotion for an individual or group.


Identify a health issue or issue that can affect health, state that you will design health promotion care plan, and evaluate the care plan.


(I am choosing SUBSTANCE ABUSE as the health issue or issue that can affect health)

Main body

Identify a health issue – at individual / family / community / national / global levels and provide brief background of the health issue including who is at risk, risk factors, and how it presents.

Design a health promotion care plan: problem – what is the health issue/problem, assessment; assess – how do you assess for the existence of the health issue / problem; goal – what do you hope to achieve; intervention – how are you going to achieve your goal.

Evaluation of your care plan: did you achieve or not achieve your goal, give reasons for your achievement or non-achievement, what are alternative assessments, goals, and interventions


Summarise what you have done; what is the implication of this experience for your professional and personal development


• Understanding the role of the nurse and skills necessary to promote physical and mental health and wellbeing, and prevent ill health.

• Understanding social determinants of health and the impact of inequalities on individuals, families and communities – and how nurses can contribute to the reduction of health inequalities.

• Comparing and contrasting health promotion approaches and theories that support behaviour changes at an individual and population level.

Issues to consider


Air pollution


Lack of green space



These are this linked with some of the core concepts of re-addressing inequality relating to the social determinants of health, locally, nationally and globally.

General tips:

-           Succinct writing: keeping within the word limit (3000 words +/- 10%)

-           Good, clear presentation with correct grammar and spelling

-           Use supporting references for the points that you make. 

-           All work must use font size 12 with double spacing

-           Avoid using the first person

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