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Health promotion is encouragement to change behaviour

Plan for my communication assignment.

Health promotion is encouragement to change behaviour

Some of the things to consider in your written work some of the things to consider your work to get a better grade

(How do nurses approach your promotion? Use the NMC code of conduct for evidence based, Use NICE guidelines article, read written ARTICLES by authors who in terms engage with health promotion activities )


Information that make people change behaviour

It should show if you are using educational, behavioural change and preventative approach

Choosing a poster- patient group oriented-layman’s language

 No word limit on poster, good poster with images, colour and captions, it should be interesting to look at.

E poster should be engaging

it is about change of behaviour 

keep the imposter catchy

Balance of words and pictures

Letters should be visible

The health promotion should change people’s behaviours


If numbers on the poster they should be real, and citation used

(Citation) which will be further expounded in supporting paper

Is it presented logically?

Is it referenced the Harvard style?

Is it presented in such a way that will show that it will make people change their behaviour?


What is health promotion

 why did you choose the poster

 why I chose this health need

what is the target population?

ethnicity, demographic mention the locality on the poster

why did I pick the topic, mention the locality on the E E poster

    • up to 1000 words
      Provides the contextual background eg priority of health need, relate to locality, if national issue it probably is a local one too!
    • Health behaviour you hope to influence

            Why e poster or e leaflet?

  • Which health promotion approach are you using and why?
  • All supported by evidence
  • Reference list per Harvard style – use the short guide to Harvard referencing

promotion to nursing practice related to promoting health and preventing ill-health.

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