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Identify different learning and development methods used by individuals and organisations. Include the reasons for their use

Sample Assignment: Managing People in Organisations Level 4

Related qualification

ATHE Level 4 Diploma in Business and Administrative Management

Unit code: M/505/9208

You work for an HR department. There are concerns about high staff turnover and think this may be due to the attitude of some managers in the organisation, who do not appear to be good at managing and developing their teams. It is evident that training on the management of people is required.  You have been asked to use your understanding of people management to write a report that could be the basis for some training. You should also include some sample training materials for use in management training on the stages of group (team) development including factors that influence effective team performance.

You have been asked to support your understanding of theories with examples and diagrams as appropriate. You may also wish to use organisations that you know well for example where you have been or are currently employed or where you work in a voluntary capacity. Alternatively case studies can be provided or you may be able to gather information about specific organisations from press releases and company websites.

Your report should be formal, appropriately structured and include the following sections

Learning and development

a)    Identify different learning and development methods used by individuals and organisations. Include the reasons for their use

b)    Explain how these different learning and development methods are used in practice by organisations

Assessment criteria 1.1/1.2

People management

c)    Draw on your theoretical knowledge to examine the approaches used to manage people

d)    Explain how abilities, aptitudes, personalities, attitudes and perceptions affect the behaviour of individuals at work

e)    Explain the importance of motivation and morale for individual performance

Assessment criteria 2.1/2.2/2.3

Team management and development

f)     Explain the nature and importance of team work for an organisation

g)    Draw on your theoretical knowledge to critically examine the approaches used in the management of teams

h)   Provide training materials which identify the stages of group (team) development and include other factors that influence effective team performance

i)     Examine the relationship between different group roles and performanc

Assessment criteria 3.1/3.2/3.3/3.4

Organisational structure and culture

j)      Using examples, examine different types of organisational structure and culture

k)    Analyse the impact of structure and culture on these organisations

l)     Explain how structure and culture influence the behaviour of individuals and teams at work

Assessment criteria 4.1/4.2/4.3 

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