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LO1 Understand leadership practice in an organisation

UNIT CMI 526                             

Overview of assessment tasks

Each task in this assessment brief has been developed to enable you to evidence achievement of the learning outcomes and assessment criteria for CMI 526: Principles of Leadership Practice. Each of the assessment criteria must gain a pass outcome for you to successfully achieve the unit.

Preparation for the assessment

  • Before you begin the assessment brief please read the CMI 526 unit specification thoroughly as only the content related to the achievement of the assessment criteria will be assessed.
  • Research the topics being assessed. Suggested reading/web resources are provided on the CMI 526 unit specification. Your tutor may signpost you to relevant resources. Additionally, you may access excellent online resources at ManagementDirect https://members.md.cmi.org.uk. Please note that if you have a customised site the link will differ, please contact your Centre for clarification.
  • If you are enrolled on the Trailblazer Apprenticeship programme you are encouraged to review the Apprenticeship Standard for Operations/Departmental Manager.

Completing the assessment brief

  • The assessment brief contains a series of tasks which are clearly referenced to the relevant assessment criteria and indicative content.
  • Refer to the Assessment Guidance Table at the end of the assessment brief which outlines the requirements for a Pass or Refer.
  • Evidence must be provided in the evidence booklet. Additional work based evidence such as plans or documentation (which has been referred to within the main text) should be included at the end of the booklet marked ‘Work Based Evidence’. Appendices are not a requirement of this assessment brief. If appendices are included these will not be marked or moderated by the CMI.
  • Work based evidence must be accompanied by a supporting statement in the learner evidence box, to explain the link to the assessment criteria. Work based evidence (where required by the task) must not exceed SIX (6) pages. Files embedded in the booklet must not exceed 10MB.
  • The evidence booklet must be completed in a professional manner (e.g. applying business conventions for writing formal reports) and by using Microsoft Word, Rich Text Format or another compatible software programme and not in a PDF format.
  • An appropriate referencing system (such as Harvard Referencing) must be used to ensure the original source(s) of quotations or models can be verified.
  • Finally, you must sign the Learner Authenticity statement (an electronic signature is accepted).


Learner support

For information regarding policies and procedures for assessment (e.g. special assessment arrangements, learner support, appeals, complaints, certification, confidentiality, plagiarism) you should contact your tutor or Centre manager and refer to the CMI Level 5 in Management and Leadership syllabus

Assessment brief CMI 526 has been designed to develop managers’ understanding of ethical leadership and the impact of culture and values on leadership. Managers will examine leadership models and the concept of empowerment, with consideration of techniques and methods for leading others.

Assessment brief 526 features the following assessment tasks. Further detail is provided against each assessment task within the brief.



Assessment Task

Learning outcomes covered by assessment method

Assessment criteria

Guideline word count


Write an account on leadership practice in an organisation

LO1 Understand leadership practice in an organisation

1.1 Examine leadership practices

within organisations

Approx. 1300 words




1.2 Evaluate the use of theoretical approaches to responsible leadership





1.3 Analyse the impact of internal and

external factors on leadership practice



Write an account on leadership styles

LO2 Understand leadership styles

2.1 Examine the relationship between management and leadership

Approx. 1000 words




2.2 Evaluate leadership styles



Write a report entitled: The impact of leadership within organisations

LO3 Understand the impact of leadership within organisations

3.1 Evaluate how leadership supports the achievement of organisational objectives

Approx. 1700 words




3.2 Analyse the concept of empowerment and trust in leading others





3.3 Examine techniques for creating a cohesive team





3.4 Assess the need to adapt leadership approaches to meet





changing needs


Guideline word count

The written word, however generated and recorded, is still expected to form the majority of assessable work produced by Learners at Level 5. The amount and volume of work for this unit should be broadly comparable to a word count of 3500-4000 words within a margin of +/-10%. The excessive use of word count is not grounds for referral, however the CMI reserve the right to return work to the Centre for editing and resubmission by the Learner.

The following are excluded from inclusion in word count, if used and not required by the assessment brief: an introduction to a job role, organisation or department, index or contents pages, headings and sub headings, diagrams, charts and graphs, reference list or bibliography, reflective statement drawn from undertaking the assignment and how this has impacted on the learner’s work.

Please see the CMI Assessment Guidance Policy for further guidance.


Effective leadership practice is required to support individuals and teams. Whilst it has many characteristics, it needs to be resilient, able to respond to internal and external factors, all of which have the ability to impact on the leader’s success

Using examples, write an account on leadership practice in an organisation. The account must:

  1. Examine leadership practices within organisations (AC1.1)
  2. Evaluate the use of TWO (2) theoretical approaches to responsible leadership (AC1.2)
  3. Analyse the impact of TWO (2) internal and TWO (2) external factors on leadership practice (AC1.3)

Guidance for completion of Task 1





  • Within the account you should include sub headings. You may choose to include tables and diagrams (as appropriate) to support your discussion.
  • You are encouraged to consider the use of good practice examples from an organisation you know well or have researched.
  • You are required to include reference to relevant theoretical principles or models where appropriate.
  • Please refer to the indicative content for each assessment criteria (AC) outlined in the unit specification.

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