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MOD004941 – Design Technology

MOD004941 – Design Technology

Outline Assessment Element 011 for this module is an assessed group presentation, you will have 15 minutes for the presentation and should expect to answer questions following the presentation. As described below, there are two main aspects that should be covered. Presentation Aspect 1 - Construction methods Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) Review the architect’s drawings of the Tindal Building and consider whether MMC would have been a viable and economic construction method for the building. In your presentation:

 Discuss your thoughts about the viability and economy of MMC for the Tindal Building.

 In your discussion consider volumetric, pod and panelised construction techniques.

 Where you can, use images from case studies to help illustrate your discussion and to reinforce your conclusions regarding each MMC technique.

Construction sequences Review and compare the structural engineer’s drawings of the Tindal and Michael Ashcroft buildings. Consider the likely construction sequences for the first & second floor slabs of each building. In your presentation:

 Discuss the main advantages / dis-advantages of the two types of construction method that have been used for the first & second floor slabs of the two different buildings.

 Discuss the main differences between the two types of construction sequence that is required for each method of construction.

 Where you can, use images from case studies to help illustrate your discussion. NOTE: You have access to design drawings and design reports for the buildings on campus, you can find them via the Windows Start menu as shown in the screen capture below:

MOD004941 – Design Technology 2018/19 Brief for Group Presentation Rev 0 2

You should use the available design drawings as a source of information for aspect 1 of your presentation. You will also find useful information on:

a. The “Additional Resources” page on the Canvas site for MOD004941.

b. The internet. Presentation Aspect 2 - Use of Excel For the calculations section of your group report you should have made a spreadsheet that calculates the member forces in your pin jointed truss for Design Option

2. You should present this spreadsheet in Aspect 2 of your group presentation. You should demonstrate the functionality and versatility of your spreadsheet, the spreadsheet should incorporate formulas which provide “live updated” results (reactions and member forces) when input parameters are changed. In general you will gain more marks if your spreadsheet has more functionality and versatility. You should have PPT slides to help you explain the user interface and formulas that your spreadsheet uses. In addition, you should open your spreadsheet during the presentation and demonstrate the functionality that it provides.

You should consider demonstrating:

 Your use of Excel functions such as IF(), LEN(), MATCH(), INDEX() etc.

 That results automatically update when input parameters such as loads, truss height, truss span etc are modified.

 Automated suggestions for suitable section sizes based on the calculated member forces.

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