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Produce a plan to implement change in an area of care relating to Batley Avenue Health and Social Care

Part 2 Assignment Brief

Learning zutcomes (LOs)

By the end of this unit, you will be able to:

  1. Describe the competencies required of an operational manager in healthcare practice.
  2. Apply theories of leadership to operational management in healthcare practice.
  3. Demonstrate leadership skills managing a team in healthcare practice.
  4. Produce a plan to improve an area of the provision in healthcare practice.

Assignment Brief and Guidance

This assessment comprises of  two tasks below:

  1. Group presentation includes a poster,  reflective account and speaker notes. Each student will upload their speaker notes and reflective account(1000 words). Each student will be questioned on the poster presented and a record maintained on questions posed and answers given. 
  1. A written report (2500 words) based on the case study scenario provided below.


Group Poster Presentation (1500 words equivalent) activity 1-3 below plus 300 words relating to point 4 and speaker notes retaining to (1-4).

Activity :

  1. Produce a plan to implement change in an area of care relating to  Batley Avenue Health and Social Care.
  2. Describe the potential impact of the plan on service provision and outcomes for individuals in Batley Avenue Health and Social Care.
  3. Analyse the potential impact of the plan on service provision, practice and outcomes for individuals in Batley Avenue Health and Social Care healthcare.
  4. Reflect on the effectiveness of your plan to improve an area of provision assimilating different theories and models of leadership and team building concerning your operational leadership skills relating to. Batley Avenue Health and Social Care

NOTE: Present your work for task A as a poster format. Assessment will be undertaken in the classroom by all members of the identified group. Each student will be cross-questioned and recorded. Produce a plan to implement change in an area of care relating to  Batley Avenue Health and Social Care

 Task B: A written report (2500 words long) relating to the given scenario above.

Your report must include a description of competencies as required of your chosen operational manager/s while demonstrating leadership skills in managing the team at Batley Avenue Health and Social Care. Application of leadership theories, the importance of effective team-building and strategies for resolving the conflict to be presented.

Case Study Scenario and Activity:

For the past four years, Batley Avenue Health and Social Care (BAHS) PLC has received a rating of outstanding from its internal audit and CQC. There is a residential unit on the ground floor for 25 people and a dementia care unit on the first floor for 25 people.

Upon closer examination, these results are due to a combination of factors, and these are due to:

  1. Excellent management and leadership and special recognition given to the Manager and her two deputies who have worked at Batley Avenue Health and Social Care.
  2. Effective team-working.
  3.  A high level of clients’ participation in care delivery.
  4.  The unit being regarded as a learning organisation.
  5.  An effective staff development programme.

Mrs Robertson was the unit Manager and her deputies were Miss Johnson and  Mrs Baktaria.

Between 9 -11 months ago all three senior managers had left for promotional positions and replacement for their positions was made quickly and all 3 staff have been in their new jobs six months ago.

Miss Jones, the manager is knowledgeable, deemed to be an expert in nursing practice seems unsure about her managerial and leadership style.

Miss Brent, one of the deputy has been practising for 20 years is set in her ways. She does not like change and is regarded as an autocratic manager. She tends to dismiss new ideas for service improvement and unwilling to take risk to try new initiatives.

Mr Baktu the other deputy is a man in his early thirties is enthusiastic about his role and likes trying and testing new ideas. He enjoy inspiring the junior staff and spent considerable time guiding and empowering staff.  He is regarded as critical thinker and someone with vision. When he is frustrated he has a tendency to criticise both Miss Jones and Miss Brent for their management and leadership style. Each of these 3 senior staff tended to define their role, their work and work activities from their perspectives.

The care staff are mainly new arrival in the UK, mainly from Eastern Europe and Western Europe.

Two months ago Batley Avenue Health and Social Care internal unit has produced a confidential report.

Key findings:

  • Relatives were concerned that quality of care is deteriorating, and stated they have spoken to senior managers but did not want to specify who they spoke to. They have not received constructive feedback as yet.
  •  There is a rise in staff sickness level.
  • Junior staff appear confused, and staff morale is low.
  • Lack of management effectiveness and leadership capabilities.
  • New staff are not able to fully perform their jobs either due to poor understanding of their role or lack of competence
  • New staff will require support and a strategy needs to be in place for staff training and development.
  • There appears a dysfunction at the Batley Avenue Health and Social Care operational management.
  • Collaborative team-work does not appear to be working.

J.Succaram, 2019

 Based on the scenario, complete the following tasks below:


  1. Describe the roles and responsibilities of the operational manager in Batley Avenue Health and Social Care.
  2.  Explain why different personal skills that are prioritised in leadership through various operational tasks Batley Avenue Health and Social Care.  
  3. Provide an analysis of competencies required in developing your own role as a leader and operational manager by choosing one of the managerial role given in the scenario.
  4. Evaluate different competencies for the role chosen above.
  5. Describe different theories of leadership in terms of their application to Batley Avenue Health and Social Care.
  6. Explain how management theories can support the different context of the working environment within Batley Avenue Health and Social Care.         
  7. Provide an assessment of the benefits of applying theories of leadership to the management of the team in Batley Avenue Health and Social Care.
  8. Describe the use of  theoretical models of leadership in  contributing towards he development and management of the Batley Avenue Health and Social Care               
  9. Outline different strategies used to resolve conflict arising between individuals in different contexts that may arise from Batley Avenue Health and Social Care.     
  10.  Give an analysis of theories of team building that inform how teams are developed and managed to promote positive outcomes for individuals in both groups of users on the ground floor and the first floor.          



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