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Question 1 Space Shuttle Columbia Report

Question 1 Space Shuttle Columbia Report


It has been argued by many experts that the “culture” at NASA was to blame for the accident.


  • Please analyse the culture at the time of the accident (15 marks)
  • Why was this not listed as the official “cause” of the accident (5 Marks)





 Question 2 British Airways Flight 268


Assume you are tasked with an investigation of Flight 268;


  • Analyse the crew’s decisions from the time of the fire to the eventual landing (10 Marks)
  • Based on the discussion in class do you think the Captain should have been charged by the FAA, explain? (5 Marks)




Question 3 Valujet 592


Assume you are part of a multi-disciplinary investigation team, the IIC (Investigator in Charge) has asked you to analyse the rapid growth of Valujet as it may have played a role in the accident;


  • Prepare a high level analysis of Valujet’s growth, and how rapid growth affects safety in general (do not make any recommendations/decisions only analyse the growth) for the IIC to decide if this is an area worth exploring (15 marks)
  • Assume there is pressure from the highest office to not explore growth any further. Based on your analysis the IIC asks you if you’re ok dropping this and moving onto another part of the investigation. How would you respond to that? (5 Marks)



Question 4 Alaska Airlines 261


  • Analyse the CVR data and the crews actions (5 Marks)
  • Analyse the FAA’s oversight of Alaska Airlines (10 Marks)
  • Why would the NTSB allow the board member statements to be included towards the end of the report? (5 Marks)
  • What recommendation would you make to the FAA (5 Marks)


Question 5 Japan Airlines Boeing 787-8 JA829J


  • Critically analyze the role of the manufacturing process for the 787? (15 Marks)
  • What recommendation would you make to the FAA, explain? (5 Marks)


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