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Resourcing and Talent Planning

Resourcing and Talent Planning

Learning outcomes:

1 Understand key contemporary labour market trends and their significance for workforce planning.

2 Be able to undertake talent planning and recruitment activities.

3 Understand how to maximise employee retention.

4 Know how to manage dismissal, redundancy and retirement effectively and lawfully

Key Area 1 - Labour Market

Your business is looking to expand into another country and therefore you need to provide a comparison of two countries This comparison must include the following information :

• Contemporary labour market trends in different country contexts

• Review the concept of Tight and Loose labour market conditions in your chosen countries

Key Area 2 - Recruitment and Selection

Having found out about the labour market conditions from an international perspective, you have now been tasked with running a recruitment project. You are looking for a customer service team with specific skills. You are continuing to build your reputation and become an “employer of choice”. This next part of the assessment asks you to carry out the following research:

• Explain the main legal requirements in relation to recruitment and selection

• Prepare an example of job descriptions, a person specification and a competency framework linked to a chosen job role i.e. customer service operative

• Assess the strengths and weaknesses of different 2 methods of recruitment and selection.

• Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches to retaining talent and how becoming an Employer of Choice can improve the organisation`s position in competitive labour markets

Key Area 3 - Talent Planning

As part of future development plans for your new team you need to provide information on ensuring future skills are met in the workplace , for this you need to provide information on the following :

• Describe the role of government, employers and trade unions in ensuring future skills needs are met.

• Describe the principles of effective workforce planning and the tools used in the process; provide an example of a basic succession and career development plan

Key Area 4 - Downsizing

Unfortunately part of your business has become to struggle in the UK and is no longer making a profit, you have been tasked with working with this part of the business and organise the downsizing and restructure which has resulted in redundancies being made.

• Provide an example of how HR would contribute to the plans for downsizing an organisation

• Advise organisations on good practice in the management of redundancies and retirements that complies with current legislation.

Key Area 5 - Turnover

One of your new team members of the customer department, has been dismissed due to high absenteeism; this is classed as “involuntary turnover “.Please, describe the legally compliant procedure and best practice for dismissal Also as part of this process you need to provide the following information on:

• Explain why people choose to leave or remain employed by organisations and the costs associated with dysfunctional employee turnover. 

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