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To understand how to create and manage business change which leads to product/service innovation


Assessment 1 (AS1)-(70% of your final mark) BASIC DESCRIPTION AND WORD COUNT

There will be a 3,000 words assignment that will have to be delivered in a report structure. The main body of the report should not exceed 3,000 words. The appendices and the references should not exceed the  2,000 words. The total amount of the words, including references and appendices, should not exceed 5,000 words (+ or-10%). It is weighting 70% of your grade scheme. The assessment is a  reflection report that will be on developing an innovative business.


The innovative product or service proposed should be clearly presented and defined. It could be a new or an improved product or service, including all innovation and creativity parameters required for its business success. For example: the internal and external corporate and industry environment of the innovation proposed, the company resources engaged, the process development for the innovation, the creative idea evaluation, and the measuring framework for the innovation. The related change tools and innovation models should be present to support your report.

All industrial products or services are acceptable, but you should engage them to digital technology. For example your innovative product, if in existence, it should be changed/ improved with an incremental innovation on its product features and /or service parameters, using a digital application and/or e-business tools.

Indicated list for innovative product ideas could be: Coronavirus related products or services that have to change according to the new pandemic circumstances, using technology. Digital business (for any industrial product or service). Examples: 3D printing, block chain technological products, traveling and health services available through applications, etc. Products or services from all industries are acceptable. Most of the report focuses on the product/service innovation and creativity process. Nevertheless, the innovative service/product producing companies that will be analysed in the report should be small and medium enterprises (SMEs)

Learning outcomes to be covered for assignment 1 are the following

  • To understand how to create and manage business change which leads to product/service innovation;
  • To understand core and secondary corporate innovation practices enabling business leadership;
    • To provide sustainable strategies for valuing commercially innovative approaches.

Assessment 2 (AS2) - (30% of your final mark) BASIC DESCRIPTION

There will be an on-line PowerPoint (PP) presentation introducing your innovative product and the related business and innovation models associated with it. Another note-slide or two with extensive notes will follow each PP model slide, relating on your models’ parameters. The notes will be written in essay form (e.g., couple of paragraphs with case letters 14-18) including citations. The PP presentation document will include a minimum of seven models, which you will employ in your assignment 1 report. Each one of the model-slides will be followed by your extensive description of the model in essay-formulated notes. Your PP document should not be more that 20 PP slides, including the essay-formulated notes slides. This assignment weights 30% of your grade scheme.


For example, you present in a slide the 4Ps of innovation model (1 out of 7 models). In the following slide, you will have a note-slide where you will write 2-3 paragraphs of 14 -18 case letters’ text describing and briefly analysing the elements of the previous 4Ps model-slide presented. Once again, the total amount of slides should not exceed the 20 slides, as there is no word-count for essay-formulated notes. The presentation document should justify clearly the necessary business and/or technological application of your product/service innovation for your report (AS1).

Learning outcomes to be covered for Assignment 2:

To present and analyse the strategic process and business informatics necessary for creating novel ideas with commercial viability.

Assessment 1: Marking Scheme

Marking Criteria

Marks out of 100


Report structure according to the workshops and guidance provided, sequence and explanation of points considered.



Fluency and use of technical language

Correct use of formal, business language and appropriate terminology throughout the business report. Report flows appropriately. Major points of the created product or service are clear.




Correct and consistent style of Harvard referencing.

Evidence of wider reading with appropriate sources used to support work.



Content and Explanation

Identification and explanation of the product or service. Major innovation and possible change parameters required and commercial data should be present. The reader should be able to recognise the business value of the created product or service.




Breakdown of the product or service innovation parameters:

Full explanation of the product and/or service supported with relevant business applications as well as current and future innovation trends. The report must include the appropriate innovation and creativity models.



Assessment 2: Marking Scheme

Marking Criteria

Marks out of 100

Efficient and clear presentation of the created product or service. Business innovation and technology parameters should be presented.


Present evidence for the technological application and business value added.


Critical evaluation of major business and innovation parameters that may influence the product or service, according to the selected innovation models.


Critical evaluation on the effective implementation of these innovative business models to reduce risk of failure.


Presentation of the material (e.g., visual presentations and notes of your documents, structure, etc.)


Academic Misconduct:

Academic misconduct encompasses three elements: Cheating, Collusion and Plagiarism, all of which are disciplinary offences. Please make sure that any material that you use within your work is the product of your own research. In addition, passing off another’s works, thoughts, and ideas as your own and is deemed to be cheating. Finally, make sure that your work must be attributed and referenced in both the text and bibliography

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Note: All assessments will be submitted electronically through Canvas.

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