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Understand and critique the opportunities and challenges presented by the digital landscape and how they influence marketing.

This paper revolves around digital marketing and its different aspects such as challenges presented by the digital landscape, theories and concepts relating to digital marketing, online marketing campaign and assess its effectiveness, etc. In addition to this, you have to complete the tasks mentioned below which comprise a particular scenario of Digital Marketing Executive.


Learning Outcomes Tested in this Assignment:

  • Understand and critique the opportunities and challenges presented by the digital landscape and how they influence marketing.
  • Understand and critique a range theories and concepts relating to digital marketing.
  • Develop, create and manage an online marketing campaign and assess its effectiveness. 


In your role as a Digital Marketing Executive for a chosen organisation, you have been asked to prepare a project portfolio for your Marketing Manager to recommend appropriate digital technologies to improve customer acquisition and conversions through the use of digital marketing.

Task 1 – Briefing Paper

Your manager has tasked you with providing insight into the benefits of digital marketing as part of a transition from a traditional marketing approach to digital.

a)      Provide a background to your chosen organisation, using the organisational summary guidelines

b)      Identify and explain the key characteristics of digital marketing and show how they differ from traditional marketing techniques                                                                                                                   

c)       Discuss the impact of digital technologies may have on the organisation – highlighting any potential opportunities and threats

(Indicative word count – 1,000 words)

Task 2 – Presentation

You have been asked to produce a presentation, to be delivered to the senior management team, that identifies the organisation’s current use of digital marketing, as well as that of a market-leading organisation.

a)      Assess the strengths and weaknesses of the digital marketing approach employed by your chosen organisation                                                                                                                               

b)      Analyse the digital marketing approach employed as by a market-leading organisation in an alternative market sector.                                                                                 

(Indicative word count – 1,000 words. Tasks (a) and (b) maximum slide count – 10 slides each. Maximum word count for speaker notes – 100 words per slide. Please note a copy of the presentation slides are required for submission but this is not a physical presentation)

Task 3 – Digital Marketing Plan

(a)    For an identified buyer persona, outline the user journey and recommend how digital marketing could be used to increase conversions in the sales funnel.                                                             

(b)   Using a recognized framework, outline a justified digital marketing plan to support your recommendations                                                                                                        

(c)    Justify the key metrics and methods that will be utilized to measure the performance of the digital marketing plan.

(Indicative word count – 1,500 words)

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