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You are required to prepare an individual presentation paper on your career plan.


TASK 1- Individual Presentation Paper 

You are required to prepare an individual presentation paper on your career plan.

First, select a field of professional interest: Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, International Business, Accounting or Project Management, etc. Then identify your dream job and career paths in the selected field. You will need to identify your personal qualities and discuss how they will help you with your chosen career path. For information on careers and employability, you can visit UoS ‘Careers and Emplyability Service’ page: https://www.uos.ac.uk/careers-and-employability-service or any other relevant sources.

In the presentation paper:

  • Describe a given professional field
  • Discuss and analyse your career planning.
  • You may use graphs to illustrate your career maps.
  • Identify your competencies/qualities and link them with possible career paths.
  • Identify possible challenges and discuss how you can overcome them with your competencies
  • You can write in first person for this task


15 PowerPoint slides
in total and explanation notes (1000 words) underneath the slides.

FORMATTING AND LAYOUT – Individual Presentation Paper

Please note the following when completing your written assignment:

  1. Writing: Written in English in an appropriate business/academic style
  2. Focus: Focus only on the tasks set in the assignment.
  3. Ensure a clear title, course, and name or ID number is on a cover sheet and work is appropriately referenced.
  4. Research: Research should use reliable and relevant sources of information e.g. academic books and journals that have been peer-reviewed. The research should be extensive.
  5. All referencing should be in Harvard style.


The first slide should be the cover page with suitable title (not part of the 15 slides)

The next slide will be the Introduction (what is the presentation about, purpose of the presentation, what are the aim and objectives of this presentation )

Professional field: Project Management- Hotel general manager

-why did you choose this field

-what do you want to achive in this field

-discuss about the scope of your chosen field in your notes in general

Identify your competencies/qualities and link them with possible career paths( evaluate your skills based on your aspired career goals)

Discuss and analyse your career planning:

-conduct a personal SWOT analysis. (In the notes you can discuss how SWOT analysis can help set short term and long term goals in general)

-what are your career goals(short and long term goals ).In the notes you can discuss about the importance of creating short term and long term career plan in general.

-how are you going to achive your career goals(link it with your short term and long term goals and create an action plan.Include things related to cv,job search,etc.

-create a graph to illustrate your career map.Where are you now career wise and where do you want to be in the future (room attendant, housekeeping supervisor, housekeeping asistent manager, housekeeping manager, hotel general manager)

-what challenges might you face in your career path and how are you going to overcome these challenges

AFTER PREPARING THE PRESENTATION IN POWER POINT , PLEASE CONVERT THE SLIDES TO PORTRAIT AND COPY TO WORD DOCUMENT, because under the slides we should add the notes (1000 words) to support the presentation

15 References in Harvard style (please add the link too and also if we have some pictures in the slides we must reference them with the link)

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