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LO3: Explain how internal and external factors impact on the specific business

Module Number: BMP3002

Module Name: Business in Practice

Year/Trimester: 2020-21/Semester 1

Module Tutor:

Assessment Number       


Assessment Type (and weighting)

Individual Poster with Voice Over - 50%

Assessment Name

Internal and External factors

Assessment Submission Date


Learning Outcomes Assessed:

LO3: Explain how internal and external factors impact on the specific business

LO4: Explain the different ways in which a business can impact on the external environment.

Assessment Brief:

Produce a detailed poster which consists of an investigation into the relationship between a business organisation and its external environment.

-       Describe and discuss how the external and internal factors effect a specific business or organisation of your own choice

-       Describe and discuss the different ways in which your chosen business or organisation can impact on the external environment.

Guide for Poster Presentation:

You will find useful information on this link. Additional guidance on digital tools available for designing posters and things to bear in mind when designing a digital poster for presentation shall be provided in seminar sessions 



  • Your poster should include sections with clear headings for example: introduction, main ideas, quotes, conclusions, References etc. 


  • Ensure to include in-text citation and provide a list of references in a separate box within the poster.


  • Ensure it consists of the requirements stated above under the assessment brief heading.


Things to bear in mind:

1- Layout -use arrows, boxes, headings, smart art graphics to guide the audience.

2- Colour schemes-be mindful of colour choices when using contrasting colours.

3- Pictures- you may choose to include few pictures as long as they are relevant to your discussion.

4- Text- Use Arial font type and adjust font size as required ensuring it’s clearly readable to your audience.

5- Creativity – See examples of effective poster designs online in an academic context in order to plan and structure your poster.

6- Size of poster- A0

7- Word count - as required but bearing in mind this is a poster and not an essay or a report. Hence, you may wish to keep it succinct.

Marking criteria:

Your poster presentation will be assessed based on the following criteria:

  • Identification and explanation of internal and external factors affecting the business
  • Explanation of the impacts of the business on the external environment
  • Research evidence
  • Referencing
  • Structure and planning
  • Clarity of information
  • Visual aids   
  • Individual presentation style
  • Timing and length

Minimum Secondary Research Source Requirements:

Level FE3/HE3 - It is expected that the Reference List will contain at least five sources. As a MINIMUM the Reference List should include three academic books.

For general guidance on writing assignment and submission please refer to section 12. Guidelines for the Preparation and Submission of Written Assessments on the module guide.

Specific Assessment Criteria:

Please note that the General Assessment Criteria will apply. Please see matrix below for HE3:

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