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1. Describe the traditional telephony technology and demonstrate an understanding of the functions and features of basic and enhanced 9-1-1 systems

Subject Title 
ECP141 - Communication Centre Technology

Subject Description 
Students learn about the technologies and approaches used by Emergency Services Communications Centres to assess and dispatch requests for service from the public in an effective and expedient manner.  This course assesses areas such as Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems, 9-1-1 systems, radio communication and mapping systems. Students will also develop their keyboarding skills and examine the IT skills needed to be an effective operator in an Emergency Communications Centre.

Learning Outcomes: ECP141 - Communication Centre Technology
Upon successful completion of this subject the student will be able to:

1. Describe the traditional telephony technology and demonstrate an understanding of the functions and features of basic and enhanced 9-1-1 systems
2. Demonstrate an understanding of the emerging telephony technology such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and identify the challenges it poses for public safety communications
3. Demonstrate an understanding and the ability to use specific technology, such as TTY, mapping systems, 9-1-1 technology and telematics, which will enhance the job performance of an Emergency Service Communicator in an ECC.
4. Demonstrate an understanding of Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and its related technologies by examining some of the systems presently used in the communication centres
5. Explain how CAD systems are utilized in an Emergency Communications Centre by assessing their individual functionalities
6. Explain the practice of downtime in an Emergency Communication Centre (ECC), defining the roles of Emergency Communicators and stating why is there a need for recovery.
7. List and describe the terms commonly associated with radio communications
8. List and describe the basic equipment and components of a public safety radio system
9. Demonstrate the mapping skills required for both paper base and computer systems as a communications operator
10. Demonstrate a minimum speed of 40 wpm in keyboarding skills.

ECP141 - Communication Centre Technology

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