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1. Exhibit an understanding of the key dynamic forces impacting on business and society.

BUS6001 Contemporary Management Issues

1. Exhibit an understanding of the key dynamic forces impacting on business and society.

2. Critically evaluate the relationship between such forces in terms of effective strategic decision making.

3. Prepare an evaluation of an organisation’s responses to key dynamic forces in the contemporary business world.

4. Select and use decision making tools to address contemporary drivers for change.

5. Analyse the relevant theoretical foundations to support the identification and application of effect corporate responses to contemporary management issues.

All Mothercare UK Stores to Shut

Mothercare’s 79 remaining UK stores will be closed after PwC were appointed administrators to the UK business, although discussions continue with potential franchise partners about maintaining some form of UK presence. In separate statements, Mothercare said that “discussions continue with a number of parties regarding potential franchise arrangements in the UK, to ensure that the group has an ongoing retail presence in the UK”. Richard Lim, chief executive of Retail Economics, said the likely demise of Mothercare in the UK was “one of the most highly anticipated collapses on the high street. Years of under-investment in the online business and its inability to differentiate itself as a specialist for young families and expectant parents has been the root of its seemingly inevitable downfall,” he added. The company still has a high market share in certain product lines, such as car seats and pushchairs, but in areas like toys and clothing, it had been undercut by supermarkets and online retailers. “As competition has become fierce they have been beaten on price, convenience and the overall customer experience,” said Mr Lim.

Research into the above case study and consider the module materials to select any two drivers for change and critically evaluate how they are currently impacting upon strategic decision-making and other activities (commercial or operational) of Mothercare’s decision to shut down its UK units

Your discussion should include:

• With suitable sources of information, how Mothercare has strategically responded to these drivers of change with consideration for the nature of the pressures for change

• Sound recommend how the organisation might enhance its responses highlighted above.

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