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Grammar for Language Teaching Assessment 1: Tense, Modality and Aspect

Grammar for Language Teaching Assessment 1:
Tense, Modality and Aspect

Answer the questions below, referring extensively to the to the essential and further reading set out on the resources list in your answers: Word count should be approximately 1000 words excluding examples and bibliography. Please include a word count excluding examples and bibliography. Word count can vary by +/- 10%. Each section has equal weighting and will be marked based on the criteria provided on moodle.

Choose 2 of the following forms:

  1. Must
  2. Present simple
  3. Present perfect
  4. Past progressive

For each form you choose:

Explain the possible meanings expressed by the form. Illustrate with at least two authentic[1] examples for each aspect of meaning. Give references for the source of your examples[2]. Describe briefly how a learner’s knowledge of the meaning and use of the form typically develops over time[3].

[1] You must not invent examples or use examples provided in academic or pedagogic grammar resources. The examples must come from authentic language in use. These can come from the BYU corpora or you can find examples in texts, online videos etc.

[2] The source of examples must be referenced. For texts, video, etc. follow the Harvard referencing guide. For the BYU corpora, use the short name of the corpus after each example as a reference:

One should take plenty of water. This helps in preventing dehydration and drying of the throat. (iWeb)

Then give the full reference to the corpus in your bibliography. See https://www.english-corpora.org/faq.asp#cite for how to reference the BYU corpora, such as that for the IWeb corpus below:

Davies, Mark. (2018-) The 14 Billion Word iWeb Corpus. Available online at https://www.english-corpora.org/iWeb/.

[3] Use English Grammar profile to research this: http://www.englishprofile.org/english-grammar-profile This is freely available online.

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