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- What is the opportunity? (market size, how big is that market) (National Institute of Statistics) (GSK Information on Switzerland)

Business Plan (maximum one million swiss frank maximum investment)
- First Page (Front Page - logo name and course 
- Second Page Table of content (page numbering not a space bar but tab function)
- Third Page - Executive Sumary (write about your idea and opportunity how you are gonna serve that opportunity and if i am the investor how is it going to be the return on investment (50.000 swiss francs on 5% interest in 5 years)
one page to one and a half page 
- Appendencies number one your cv who are you where did you work where is your experience (you need to talk about your team, who are your team members.. how you search for the extra competencies)
- Angel investors (over 50 years place in board)

Part one number - Chapter One - Organizational chapter 
- What is the opportunity? (market size, how big is that market) (National Institute of Statistics) (GSK Information on Switzerland)
Part two - Chapter one
- Product and Services (come quickly as possible to you minimum viable product, organize focus group 10/12 people;)
Part Three - Chapter One 
- Legal forms and aspects - which legal form you are going to do , minimum capital required, sole propiertertisup, asks for a patent, protect you brand name etc. 
Part Four - Chapter One
- PESTL Analysis

Chapter Two - Dealing with you Business Model (Osterwalder Model)

Chapter Three - Marketing Plan (4 P’s brief_
- Price - market penetration strategy or skimming strategy (put the price high and the you pull the price down, products which have a very short lifecycle, and get early adapters)
Dynamic pricing (according to the demand the price is shifting) geoprahic pricing (canton zurich is more expensive then bern)
- Place - Brick and Mortar operation or an online model?
- Promotion - who will you do the promotion? consistently use the same media instruments (make a very severe media selection) radio advertising tool; tv local is better then national television 

Chapter Four - The Financial Plan (you can put the calculations in the appendix from excel)
- 3 financial statements 3 years 3 scenarios (balance sheet profit and loss and net income)
- Ratio analysis (interpretation of the ratio( 12 key rations liquidity ration profitability ratios solvency ratios and sales ratios
- Pessimistic scenario , optimistic scenario, realistic scenario
- Break even calculation plus the graph 

Chapter Five - Conclusion and Recommendation 
- Will you do the business or not ? After my calculations i figured out that this business is not viabe or yes i will do 
- recommendation is you do it what are the road blocks where you should look at it

Chapter Six - Lessons learned

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