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1. Explain the principles and practice of marketing in the tourism and events sector


Learning Outcomes   

1. Explain the principles and practice of marketing in the tourism and events sector 

2. Review the tourism and events marketing environment and explain how organizations monitor and respond to changes in the marketing environment.  

3. Outline the changing context of tourism and events consumer behavior and various influences on consumer behavior  

4. Demonstrate an appreciation of the role and importance of business-to-business marketing and influences on buying decisions in the tourism and events sector. 

Assignment Question  

EasyJet operates in the hospitality and tourism industry. The company sells short haul domestic and international flight and holiday on over 1000 routes in 30 countries. The CEO is concern about the slow pace of sales of its services lately and have requested the marketing director to address it. The marketing director have asked you the marketing manager to:  

Develop a marketing plan for the EasyJet services. Your plan should follow a logical structure considering the following elements.    

  1. An analysis of the organization and its Market (Marketing audit) using the SWOT Framework.  
  2. A statement objective for marketing the products and service 
  3. A strategy to approach the market using the marketing mix (Price, product, place, promotion, and the extended mix people, process and physical evidence)  
  4. An outline on how the plan will be implemented (The steps or processes you will follow)  
  5. Also, How the effectiveness of the plan will be measured (The key performance  indicators (KPI’s)   

Your marketing plan should not exceed 1800 words long + or - 10%.   

The plan can be presented in two ways which include producing a word document or doing an academic poster.   

If you are not doing an academic poster then you must adopt a report style for your plan.   

Note: You CAN NOT do this assignment on any other organization. It must be Easy jet.   

Marking criteria

Structure - Introduction of the plan, good editing with less grammar and spelling errors. Use of relevant tools like tables, graphs, charts and images.   


Analysis of the organisation and market using SWOT framework. Consider the industry, target customers, competitors and opportunity and areas of growth  


A statement objective of marketing using clear bullet points.   


Strategy to approach the market-this should not be less than three strategies with clear explanations and relevant implications for 



adopting such. The strategies should have

theoretical or practical relevance  


Implementation of the plan- How the plan will be implemented- Show clear steps which will be taken to implement the plan  


Measuring effectiveness of the plan- How the effectiveness of the plan will be measured- you should show clear elements which will be used to indicate that the plan is working.   



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