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1. Provide a background/knowledge of the loudspeaker-related product and production through a literature study.

1. Provide a background/knowledge of the loudspeaker-related product and production through a literature study.

2. Create a process plan for assembly of a loudspeaker using ‘pre-manufactured components’. Suggest suitable assembly sequences that would benefit from automated and/or manual operational processes.

3. Produce a drawing incorporating your proposed facility layout design based on the logic sequences of assembly within a boundary (with assumptions in Note) and justify your design by considering  constraints such as space utilisation; ease of operations and services; reduction of temporary storage areas or buffer zones, transport/human operator motions; safety; costs etc.

4. Build a full system model using Enterprise Dynamics (ED) software by incorporating 3D objects (if applicable) and all the necessary statistical values; test and verify the functionality of the developed ED models.

5. Design and run suitable experiments with the developed ED models; collect, analyse and interpret the generated simulation data including graphical simulation results to be presented in the report.

6. Evaluate system performance making any improvement that would be most beneficial to the system design and explain why you consider these changes, which may be advantageous.

Note: Make your own assumptions due to any necessary data which may not be given or should not be included in your particular case study. This may refer to such as the availability of factory space, location of stores and so on. You may also consider how your system design may be able to cope with an increase in demands as well as product variances in future.

Your work must be presented and illustrated in a written report. The report should be structured as indicated at page 1 and it should include your own work with the relevant context, drawings and screen-captures and other materials. Please keep your report concisely below 4000 words.

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