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2a. Using an e-poster of A1 size, identify a health promotion intervention that a nurse can use to support a patient with a specific health related issue of your choice.

Health Promotion

Summative assessment 2

Summative assessment

Word count limit


Learning outcomes assessed

Anonymous marking

2a. e-poster with an accompanying written evidence-based supporting paper



Single-sided A1 poster


1000 words


LOs 5,6,7


The task:

2a. Using an e-poster of A1 size, identify a health promotion intervention that a nurse can use to support a patient with a specific health related issue of your choice.

You will also need to submit a supporting paper of up to 1000 words that will provide the contextual background to the intervention, supported by evidence and accompanied by a reference list per Harvard style.

3.4 Summative assessment 2

The summative assessment for the module must be completed as it provides you with 60% of your grade for the module. Your e-poster or patient leaflet will focus on a health promotion intervention that a nurse could use with a patient/group of patients or staff with a specific health related issue of your choice. You will need to include the following information to meet the learning outcomes:

  • LO5: A description of common health and illness beliefs/perceptions, recognising the social and political determinants of health and well-being;
  • LO6: An explanation as to how health care delivery and access to services can impact on the health of people;
  • LO7: Show how knowledge and understanding of the principles of health promotion can be applied to nursing practice related to promoting health and preventing ill-health.

Word count

The word count refers to everything in the main body of the text. Everything before (ie abstract, acknowledgements, contents, executive summaries etc) and after the main text (ie references, bibliographies, appendices etc) is NOT included in the word count limit.  There is a +10% margin, beyond which nothing will be marked.


Confidentiality must be maintained. In compliance with the Data Protection Act (1998) and The Code (NMC2018), this assignment must not contain any information that could identify patients, staff, placements or localities in either the main text or appendices. Further information about the Confidentiality Policy can be found in your course handbook or you can access it here

Submission via Turnitin

Turnitin is an online service that checks the electronic copy of your assignment for plagiarism, cheating or collusion between students. You are required to submit your e-poster or patient leaflet to Turnitin via the link in Blackboard in the PRNG1101 site. No additional passwords are required.

Summative submission

What constitutes a submission?

Work will be classed as a submission if an attempt is made to address the assignment task and the related learning outcomes.  This may be in the form of a plan which outlines your proposed contents.  Work at this level is unlikely to achieve a pass grade but will allow for a second submission.  Work that does not attempt to address the assignment task and the related learning outcomes will be classed as a non-submission.

Late submission and mitigating circumstances

For late submissions and mitigating circumstances please refer to your student handbook.

If you submit course work late but within 7 days (one week) of the due date you will have your work marked but the grade will be capped at D- (recorded as L1 grade).  All assignments submitted later than 7 days (one week) will not be marked and a grade L2 will be recorded.

You are expected to submit all assignments by the due date.  If you have mitigating circumstances preventing you from meeting the due date you should submit a claim within 7 days of the due date.  You will be expected to provide evidence to support the claim which covers the period immediately leading up to the assessment.


  • You must submit all items of assessment for a module in order to pass. 
  • If you do not submit an item of assessment, you will automatically fail the module regardless of any overall mark achieved. 

Please liaise with the module lead in advance if there are any issues pertaining to this.

Marking criteria

See the level 4 marking grid on the module Blackboard site within the “assessment” folder.

Academic integrity

Please take care when developing your work to ensure that the work you submit is your ‘own’ work and that you have not used the words of others or their ideas without formally referencing them.  Advice about avoiding plagiarism and ensuring the academic integrity of your work can be found in your course handbook.

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