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A senior executive in your organisation is interested in how completing a DBA might help to address organisational problems.

Assessment Task
A senior executive in your organisation is interested in how completing a DBA might help to address organisational problems. He is interested in what a suitable research project might involve and how it might be carried out in a manner that he considers ethical.

Your task is to respond to your manager by writing a full report. The report will seek to achieve the following:

• Conceptualise ‘management research’(up to 750 words)
• Identify a subject area (e.g. HR, leadership, marketing, etc) and critically consider leading areas of knowledge within that subject area, drawing on existing research (up to 1,500 words)
• Identify an organisational problem (within your own organisation, or one you know well) which is suitable for DBA research and explain why it is suitable for such research (up to 1,000 words)
• Explain how you might conceptualise a research question to address that problem (up to 500 words)
• Identify the different stages you would need to consider in the research process (up to 750 words)
• Critically consider ethical issues in research and state how you would design your research in an ethical fashion (up to 1,000 words).
• Introduction (up to 250 words) and Conclusion (up to 250 words).

The report should be up to 6,000 words in length. You may choose how to allocate this word count across the different elements of the assignment. However, a possible target word count has been provided in brackets next to each bullet point – this is indicative only! This report will be an academic one, fully referenced, and drawing on scholarly literature (in order to demonstrate a core DBA competence to your intended audience!).

Below is more information to use :

Introduction : Introduce the contents and general layout of the assignment (250 words)

Conceptualizing Management Research : explain the concept of management research and what it entails (750 words)

Leading areas of knowledge: identify any functional area in management - Marketing, HR, OB, Strategy, Operations, Finance and so on - and do an exhaustive study while delving deep into a specific topic within the functional area similar to doing a literature review on that topic (1500 words) For e.g. if topic is "remote working" write as:

3.1 Work environment

3.2 Remote working

3.3 Impact of remote working

Organizational Problem: identify a problem, explain the background and justify its suitability for a DBA level research (1000 words)

4.1 Background of the Problem

4.2 Problem Statement

4.3 Suitability for Doctoral research

Conceptualizing a Research question : explain how research questions are identified, list the possible research questions for the above problem (500 words)

5.1 Identifying research questions

5.2 Research Questions

Stages of the Research Process : list and explain each stage in a research (750 words) you may use the problem as an example if applicable

Ethical Issues in Research : list and explain various ethical issues in research and describe how you will conduct research ethically (1000 words)

Conclusion: summarize this assignment giving a bird`s eye view of the contents (250 words)

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