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Acting as an external management consultant, you are to complete a strategic analysis of a firm and its industry, making strategic recommendations for the future.

Acting as an external management consultant, you are to complete a strategic analysis of a firm and its industry, making strategic recommendations for the future.

The submission word limit is 2,500 words. The cover sheet, table of contents, executive summary, numerical tables, diagrams, references, appendices, and annexes are NOT included within word count calculations.

Using the Harvard Referencing Format.

Report Structure
You should structure your report as follows:
• Report Cover Page
• Table of Contents
• Executive Summary
• Introduction to your selected company
• Internal and External Analysis
• Competitor Analysis
• Strategic Options
• Strategic Recommendations
• References
• Appendices

Executive Summary: The executive summary should provide a clear and concise summary of your report such that a busy executive understands the key points in your analysis and the recommendations you make.

Introduction to the Company: You should summarise your analysis of the activities/ products/ services of your chosen company, its key markets, main competitors, and financial, ethical and sustainability performance. Use tables and figures to minimise the word count and to promote ease of understanding

Internal and External Analysis: Be specific on the trends and other factors that are critical to the future of the firm and its industry. Remember that you must look forward to possible scenarios for the future. Gather information from published sources about the internal workings, resources and capabilities. Use an appendix for additional information and supporting data.

Competitor analysis: It is important that you provide a thorough assessment of the competition. Consider what generic strategies competitors follow and whether they have a competitive advantage. What growth strategies do they follow? How about their portfolio management strategy?

Strategic Options: You should propose no more than 3 options with an indication of the relative costs, benefits and challenges of implementation including, e.g. a new competence could be developed internally, an acquisition made or a joint venture set-up in which learning from the partner is possible.

Strategic Recommendations: Make you recommendations and justify them, with appropriate reference to theories, models and frameworks, ethics and sustainability.

Structure, presentation and references: You should submit a professionally structured and presented report that is free from errors. Tables, diagrams and images are used to good effect. Writing is concise and clear.

• Analyses the environment of a firm, both internal and external, current and future, to identify sources of competitive advantage and disadvantage and opportunities and threats
• Critically evaluate strategic direction and strategic options in complex current and future business environments to inform executive decisions
• Critically evaluate strategic information, insights, and recommendations
• Communicate strategic analysis and recommendations clearly, concisely, and effectively
• Appraise the strategic decision-making process

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