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Demonstrate progressive development of personal and professional skills


Assessment Requirements.

BSc (Hons) Nursing (Adult)

Detailed Assessment Guidance

A 2000-word assignment (50% of module, 50% of grade): A reflective narrative, including an action plan, about your academic development.

Learning Outcomes

This assignment addresses the following Module learning outcome:

Module learning outcome 4: Demonstrate progressive development of personal and professional skills

Reflection is an important and powerful strategy for you to use to develop your professional practice.  It enables the linking of practice experience with theoretical aspects of learning to help you to develop, moving from novice to skilled practitioner.  Reflection should enhance self-awareness, identifying personal strengths and the areas to focus on for development.  Theory helps to direct that new learning by providing relevant knowledge.  Critically viewing both we and new knowledge is very important.

Consider the knowledge and skills that you have acquired and how these have contributed to your academic and professional development so far.

General Guidance:

The assignment should be written and formatted according to Uni. assignment writing guidelines.

You may use subheadings if you wish.

The reflection on your development may be in both first and third person as appropriate.

For example, when introducing the assignment, you might choose either –

“For this assignment I will… “                      or

“This assignment will….”

When describing your development, it may be appropriate to write in the first person. Here please use “I” rather than “the author” or “the student nurse”.

Specific Guidance: The essay will focus on two items from the Action Plan which you constructed at the beginning of the module, from the following list of items:

 Preparation for study

 Reading and notetaking skills

 Information Technology skills e.g. virtual learning resources such as Blackboard

Referencing and understanding plagiarism

 Exam skills

 Research principles

 Essay and report writing

 Employability and personal development

 Confidence with numbers

 Time management

It is advisable to select items which you have made progress in over the course of the module.

(1)  Introduction:

Produce an introduction which identifies the aims and objectives of the assignment (based on the module learning outcome). Clearly identify the TWO ITEMS which the assignment will address.

(2) Main Body:

Item 1 (for example) Essay and Report Writing 

Indicate why this item is significant to you, for example: “I always received low marks for written essays at school and I felt this would be a major barrier to successful study at university”.

Describe your level of writing skills at the onset of the module and the objectives you set yourself to achieve over the course of the module.

Outline the actions which you have taken to achieve the goals you set yourself.

Reflect upon the success or otherwise of these actions and any barriers that you came across and what you found that helped you.

Write about how you will sustain this or build upon it for the future.

Item 2 Repeat as above but with different item.

(3) Conclusion: Summarise key learning in relation to the items explored above and consider how these will contribute to your ongoing academic and professional development.

(4) Referencing                                                      

 Full Harvard referencing as per University policy


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