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Discuss Henry Jenkins concept of the ‘prosumer’ in relation to a fan culture of your choice.

Discuss Henry Jenkins concept of the ‘prosumer’ in relation to a fan culture of your choice.

1.‘Structure’ covers such issues as the flow of the argument from paragraph to paragraph, keeping the question in focus rather than deviating unnecessarily or confusingly, the grammar and syntax of sentences (crucial in allowing the reader to follow the argument), and appropriate introductory and concluding statements (though what these should be will depend on the nature of the essay or dissertation).
‘Depth of Knowledge’ includes such things as the awareness of the relevant writings of other researchers and/or primary sources ; and, equally important, your ability to select the best available evidence to support a particular argument rather than just throwing everything you know about a subject at a question for which some of this matter is irrelevant. Discuss Henry Jenkins concept of the ‘prosumer’ in relation to a fan culture of your choice.
And finally, ‘Understanding’ will include your ability to accurately summarise and evaluate key arguments and evidence, and at least as important, your ability to make connections and identify the most relevant material for a specific question.

2. Set readings for essay:
Ritzer, George, and Nathan Jurgenson. "Production, Consumption, Prosumption The nature of capitalism in the age of the digital ‘prosumer’."Journal of consumer culture 10.1 (2010): 13-36. 

Jenkins, Henry, 2007. “Afterword: The Future of Fandom” in J. Gray, C. Sandvoss, and Lee Harrington, eds. Fandom: Identities and Communities in a Mediated World. P. 357-364.

Coppa, Francesca. 2008. `Women, Star Trek, and the Early Development of fannish vidding`. Transformative Works and Cultures

Turk, Tisha and Joshua Johnson. 2012. `Toward an Ecology of Vidding`. Transformative Works and Cultures 

Notes on Narrative in a Vidding Context by Here`s Luck

Marshall McLuhan, 1972 – predicting electronic technology would allow consumer to also be producer

Alvin Toffler, `The Third Wave`, 1980 – coined term to describe the blurred/merged role of the producer/consumer

George Ritzer and Nathan Jurgenson, 2010
Web 2.0 / Rise of User Generated Content (UGC)
-> Prosumer Capitalism
Concerned with economics / exploitation of workers

3. Essay have to be well-structured, logic flow of each sentence and discussion, NO OFF-TOPIC(!!!) themes and general information, from the beginning of the essay it has to stay within the frame of the question. (some of instructions are enclosed as a "instructions screenshot") Discuss Henry Jenkins concept of the ‘prosumer’ in relation to a fan culture of your choice.

Proofread the paper before giving it to me, so there won`t be any spelling mistakes, clunky phrases and poor word choices

Sources have to be acknowledged

Find some sources that are not book reviews, only if there is a need in extra sources.

Fan Culture - Sherlock Holmes as it have a wide history behind it starting from original books to movie series

Textual fiction, images, audio and multimedia.
Vidding tradition goes back to mid-1970s
Photo manipulation
Cosplay (Crossplay)
Community offers feedback, support, constructive criticism & audience

Discuss Henry Jenkins concept of the ‘prosumer’ in relation to a fan culture of your choice.

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