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Element 010: Report on case study based modelling of 2000 words (2019 MOD002665 TRI2 F01CHE)

Element 010: Report on case study based modelling of 2000 words (2019 MOD002665 TRI2 F01CHE)

2019/20 Assessment Information Form:- (2019 MOD002665 TRI2 F01CHE) Element:- 010

What the Canvas Due Date and Time (above) represent for this assessment


Your assessment must be submitted by the date and time shown


Descriptive Title

Course work: Simulation project.


What is being submitted


Report on case study based modelling of 2000 words


Module and Section


Modelling and Simulation for Operations Management (2019 MOD002665 TRI2 F01CHE)






LO 1,2,3,4

Learning Level

 Level 6











2019/20 Assessment Description Form (SE) :- (2019 MOD002665 TRI2 F01CHE) Element:- 010

Select a system you are familiar with and where you can obtain sufficient data to carry out an in depth simulation modelling and validation exercise. Students are encouraged to use relevant projects from their work area. Those students who cannot bring a project of their own can use one of the case studies provided by the tutor.

  1. Describe the system you are modelling and the nature of the problems that you intend to solve.                                                                                                                         (15 marks)
  2. Model the system as it currently exists using Witness and verify/validate.              (45 marks)
  3. Suggest solutions to the existing problems. Model the most effective solution, justifying your decisions in proposing this solution.                                                                             (30 marks)
  4. Presentation of the final report (maximum 2000 words).                             (10 marks) It is your responsibility to keep adequate back-up copies of your files.

Case study from tutor: Simulation & Modelling Case Study_Murray_2019_20 v2.pdf

Intended learning outcomes for the assessment

Understand the key requirements of a supply chain system and determine the data required to construct a model of the supply chain.

Evaluate the various supply chain or logistic systems available and compare the economic and transit times of the systems.

Construct a valid simulation model of a supply chain system. Evaluate and optimise the performance of a supply chain model.

Marking scheme, criteria or rubric

As shown in the description above.

Links to Supporting Materials

The modelling exercises in canvas and the lecture captures will help in completing your assignment.

Assessment Literacy

Please refer to the IET report writing link to get information on how to write technical reports.

Assessment provisioned 8/1/2020

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