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Prepare a group presentation of 20 minutes that provides an overview of a proposed eco-business idea, outlines the key areas of the concept and sells the concept to potential investors.


IY005 – Business Development and Entrepreneurship 

Module: IY005 – Business Development and Entrepreneurship



Title: Eco Enterprise Presentation

Weighting: 40% of final mark

Assignment Task

Prepare a group presentation of 20 minutes that provides an overview of a proposed eco-business idea, outlines the key areas of the concept and sells the concept to potential investors.

Following the presentation, 10 minutes will be allotted for the audience and tutor to ask questions about the business idea; you should be prepared to answer questions and defend your idea.

Your Product:

  • Can be physical or non-physical;
  • Must either deliver or promote a positive and identifiable ecological impact;
  • Should be producible with currently available technology (or simple adaptations thereof);
  • Will be initially offered for sale in the UK market.

Group Presentation:

You must be clear and persuasive, with information, references and a clear, well-reasoned plan. 

An important part of the presentation will be a demonstration of your creative and innovative thinking.  Creativity will be marked! 

You must also be prepared to defend your project by answering questions after your presentation.

  • The presentation should be approximately 20 minutes in length (No longer).
  • An additional 10 minutes will be allotted for questions.
  • The presentation must include visual aids. 
    • The presentation visuals should be created in PowerPoint or Prezi.
  • Before the presentation the following items must be given to the tutor;
    • One hard copy of the presentation slides
    • Copies of any other printed visuals or hand-outs.
  • All materials and information should have sources of reference – including any images.
  • Delivery of the presentation will be graded, so practise is important!


Presentation Format and Content

  • Your presentation is a sales pitch for your business idea and product so you must persuade the audience that your business idea is good.
  • You should make sure that you support all of your claims, proposals and statements with clear evidence.
    • Some of this will be from theoretical texts and academic articles,
    • Some may be from your own primary research.
    • You must justify all of the key decisions that you have taken.
    • Your presentation must explicitly cover all of the points identified below;
  • A clear description of the product you intend to offer – this should include designs, sketches and images as appropriate.
  • Clear evidence of your proposed business’s eco credentials.
  • An evidence-based description of your proposed target market – this must include segmentation criteria.
  • Persuasive evidence that there is a market for your product.
  • An initial plan of operation including some ideas on how you intend to produce your product – this should also identify any legal and ethical issues you might need to be aware of.


Presentation Rules

  • Presentation time slots will be allocated 1 week before the presentation session(s). This will be done randomly and time slots may not be swapped or altered under any circumstances.
  • All group members must contribute fully to the presentation;
    • Everyone must speak for an approximately equal amount of time.
    • Normal attendance and lateness rules apply
    • Missing the presentation will result in a 0 mark for the non-attending student
      • It may also contribute to a poorer presentation for those team members who are present.
      • A strict time limit of 20 minutes will be enforced.
        • A signal will be given when two minutes are remaining
        • A second signal will be given when one minute is remaining
        • Presentations will be recorded and double-marked.

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