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Q. Drawing on the Resource Based View literature, evaluate whether and how C-TRIP generates sustainable competitive advantage.

Module Title:

Strategic Management

Assessment Instructions

This essay is to be based on the application of ideas from the Resource Based View literature to the organisation in the case study that will be made available.

Q. Drawing on the Resource Based View literature, evaluate whether and how C-TRIP generates sustainable competitive advantage.

You need to draw on ideas from the Resource Based View (RBV) literature, and appropriate evidence from the case study provided, to evaluate C-TRIP’s sustainable competitive advantage. The key to doing well is to demonstrate that you can use these theoretical ideas and apply them; as you have been doing in the seminars.

Please note that your assignment MUST be written around the evidence in the case study provided. There is no need to do any additional research on C-TRIP, and we are not interested in what C-TRIP is doing now. All evidence drawn from the case study must be appropriately referenced, as should all of the academic ideas that you draw on. All citations (in text references) of the case study must include the page number from the case that you are referring to.

Assignment Learning Objective: To demonstrate your understanding and ability to apply concepts from the module to an organisation or firm, to undertake a theoretically informed analysis and to draw conclusions that link the topic of study to the objective of sustaining competitive advantage. For this essay you will be required to independently investigate the academic literature on the topic and apply your knowledge of this literature to the organisation.


1/ DEMONSTRATE RESEARCH INTO AND UNDERSTANDING OF APPROPRIATE LITERATURE:  good understanding of the relevant theory and its limitations. Introduces contrasting theory.

2/ USE OF EVIDENCE FROM THE CASE TO DEMONSTRATE UNDERSTANDING OF THE ORGANISATION: good use of evidence from the case to demonstrate understanding of the organisation at a sufficiently deep level to enable analysis and evaluation.

3/ INTEGRATION OF UNDERSTANDING OF ORGANISATION AND APPROPRIATE LITERATURE: good integration of appropriate theory, with understanding of the organisation. Development of a strong coherent argument. The insights about the case study firm that result from application of the theory to the case study are identified, discussed and conclusions drawn. Use of contrasting theory to provide alternative view of case study.

4/ PRESENTATION AND WRITING:  strong narrative. Structure is well organised with a clear line of thought that is easy to follow and has an obvious conclusion. Citations match references and are appropriately use

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