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Research key theories of management and leadership and analyse how theoretical models of management and leadership can be applied to a range of situations in a work setting

Unit 1 -F/616/3941 – Principles of Leadership and Management in Adult Care    

Outcome 1 : Understand theories of management and leadership and their application to in adult care

  • Research key theories of management and leadership and analyse how theoretical models of management and leadership can be applied to a range of situations in a work setting.
  • Analyse how theoretical models of management and leadership can be applied to a range of situations in a work setting

1.3 Analyse the potential conflicts between the application of management and leadership models

1.4 Explain how conflicts between management and leadership models can be addressed

Outcome 3: Understand the skills of professional management and leadership in an adult care setting

3.1 Analyse the skills required to be an:

  • Effective manager
  • Effective leader

3.2 Explain the need for managers in social care settings to have both leadership and management skills

 3.3 Analyse the interaction between leadership and the values/culture of an organisation

 3.4 Explain why leadership styles and management styles may need to be adapted to manage different situations

 3.5 Evaluate the impact of national policy drivers on management and leadership in adult care services

 3.6 Explain how to establish a culture of continual learning and development in the setting and the importance of learning from experience.

The following will help you with research regarding your evidence.









YouTube (there are a host of videos for you to look at to assist with your own recognition of your style.) See examples of these below.




(Managing conflict in the workplace)


(5 Different conflict resolutions)


(What to do when conflict happens)


(Avoiding conflicts)


(Workplace conflicts)



(Disney leadership styles)


(Leader vs Manager)


(Leadership skills for managers)

Obviously, this list is not exhaustive and there are many other websites and information that can be researched to gain a further InSite into this topic.


Undertaking any form of research if used directly in your evidence then you must reference this (Harvard referencing)

Please make use of all forms of research to ensure all evidence submitted is detailed and complete

This will allow for reference into other units where applicable.

Where it is relevant, you can give working examples and using these will  show both knowledge and understanding.

Remember as well to check both punctuation and spelling.

Assignment Brief:

This unit leadership and management, draws together themes from many other modules, including the ideas of communication, equality, safety, duty of care & professional development.

  • Using the resources agreed, you are to work through the knowledge criteria, giving detailed answers with examples, from everyday working practice, to demonstrate you are able to link theory to practice.
  • You work should reflect a clear understanding of the topic. It should demonstrate knowledge you have learned and applied in your role.
  • You must proofread all your work and check for any spelling, punctuation and grammar before submitting.
  • Please ensure that all work handed in is your own work. You must ensure that there is no plagiarism , as work will be handed back.
  • Your work can be written or recorded e.g. PowerPoint, project or assignment.
  • You must reference your work showing where the knowledge criteria has been met.
  • Please include at least one example of how you embed British Values at work.
  • All work to be handed in by the agreed timescale.
  • Please ensure that you watch YouTube links as these will stretch your knowledge.
  • If you want to discuss anything separately then please do not hesitate to contact me.
  • Remember to log all ‘off the job hours’  on the log sheet.

Additional guidance for layout:

  • All work must have the unit title, page number, your name and date.
  • You can answer question by question or outcome by outcome, it does not really matter as long as ALL the knowledge criteria is COVERED


  • Analyse - is to examine an issue, topic or situation that goes beyond describing it and includes theories, thoughts, opinions and judgments. To analyse means to look at the question in great detail.
  • Evaluation – to judge or calculate the quality, importance, amount or value of something
Unit 1 -F/616/3941 – Principles of Leadership and Management in Adult Care

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