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SMS315 - Systems Studies II

Subject Title 
Systems Studies II

Subject Description 
This course continues the study of the tools and techniques of computer systems studies. SMS315 involves using an accounting software package to record accounting transactions and generating financial statements from the accounting software package.  Furthermore, the course introduces the students to contemporary information systems concepts. SMS315 - Systems Studies II

Pre-requisites: ACC220 and SMS216 or SMS213
Co-requisite: EAC150
Equivalency: SMS311

Learning Outcomes: SMS315 - Systems Studies II
Upon successful completion of this subject the student will be able to:

A. Set up and use an accounting software to process accounting transactions.

This can be demonstrated by:

a) Explaining the use of the toolbars and icons

b) Completing account maintenance activities

c) Using the enquiry function to locate selected information

d) Using the report generator of the accounting software to prepare customized reports for analyses

e) Using the export functions of the accounting software to export data to Excel files

f) Processing transactions of major accounting cycles such as

  1. transactions relating to the sales (revenue) cycle
  2. transactions relating to the purchase (expenditures) cycle
  3. transactions relating to the payroll cycle
  4. g) Competing month-end and year end closing procedures, including adjusting entries and setting up a new accounting fiscal year

h) Printing financial reports from the sample companies (data files)

i) Applying features of the accounting software to implement effective and efficient internal controls.

j) Setting up a new company

B. Demonstrate their understanding of contemporary information systems: in
a) Discussing the concepts of information systems.
b) Discussing the foundation of computer systems.

Students are required to use critical thinking and problem solving skills, in addition to the technical skills using an accounting software, to complete the tests.

SMS315 - Systems Studies II

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