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This essay will identify and explore what are Multi Academy Trust’s and since the introduction of MAT’s (Multi-Academy Trust’s) education in England have been improving and if all schools school become an MAT

‘Multi-Academy Trust’s are the way forward for improving education’

This essay will identify and explore what are Multi Academy Trust’s and since the introduction of MAT’s (Multi-Academy Trust’s) education in England have been improving and if all schools school become an MAT. I will also be addressing the effectiveness and if this is just an opportunity to privatise the education system which I will explain further in the essay. Explain why this is a contemporary issue. Also explain what is happening with MAT’s now and where it originated from brief history. (Could this be 200 words please)

Where did this all start? Education Reform Act 1988 this means that since the reform of education England has been striving for a better and much improved outcome in education. What has the conservative government to do promote this e.g introduction of MAT, explain what they are. Ofsted’s view what did they say.

Compare/contrast educational ideologies (conservative and labour) and discuss ideology using Morrison and Ridley grid also compare/contrast with other educational frameworks.

Multi Academy Trust
Looking at the data across local authority primary schools, defining what an academy. Arguing about converter and failing schools. Impact have they already made so far. Privatisation of the education system is that an issue or not?

State Schools
What is the data telling us about state schools performance what does this all mean. What has Ofsted, government and educationalists saying? Therefore the use of MAT is an advantage (compare/contrast).

How do teachers differ between state and MAT’s? Focus on budgeting, effectiveness, CPD, teaching practice, teachers pay, leadership department.

Summarising key main points, what does this all mean,

Reference List – Could the rest of these references be completed in full thank you

















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