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You are required to develop a portfolio relating to a single topic you must agree your topic in advance with your seminar group lead tutor.

You are required to develop a portfolio relating to a single topic you must agree your topic in advance with your seminar group lead tutor.

You should develop a  2500 word portfolio comprised of  the following  five different elements:

      1. A literature review
  1. Data analysis
  2. Analysis of either policy Or media on your topic . Policy refers to rules/principles and guidelines which direct the actions of the State and other bodies which impact on our lives.  Media generally refers to communication channels such as newspapers, social media, television and radio. In this assessment you are asked to focus on newspapers.
  3. A research question and an outline proposal for how primary data can be ethically collected for your topic.

You must include all four elements in your portfolio.

Literature Review (1000 words)

Journal Articles : Focus for the assignment in the literature review is peer reviewed journal articles  because this is where we can find research relevant to the field, peer reviewed by experts in the field, presents research evidence about what is known in the field.

v  Themes/ Sub Headings created from articles

Data Analysis (500 words)

Data analysis refers to: Statistical /Quantative evidence about your topic

v  Prevalence data

v  Demographic information,  prevalence, increases, decreases , trends

v  Data sources: government statistics, local  authority sources, FOI results, national statistics. UN sources (Eg.  see country specific information)

v  Use of graphs

Analysis of Media or Policy (500 words)

Media representation

v  Policy/ Laws/ Legislations

Research Question and outline proposal (500 words)

Research question

v  Research methods

v  Research ethics

v  Data analysis

References (Minimum of 50)


1. Structure, focus and quality of written communication 20%

Excellent focus on task in accordance with the assignment brief. Each element of the task is very well addressed. The literature review is excellent. Clear, logical, relevant discussion throughout. Arguments are expressed clearly and consistently.

Written expression is excellent including grammar and spelling

2. Critical reflection, analysis of data and policy or media 20%

Excellent critical reflection. Comprehensive analysis, evaluation of policy, practice, theory as relevant.

3. Research question and rationale 20%

A clear research question is defined which summarises the issue the researcher will investigate. The proposed research is feasible, relevant and interesting. There is a strong rationale for the question. It builds well on learning from the other elements of the portfolio,

4. Methodologically and ethically appropriate research proposed 15%

The proposed methodology is appropriate and well matched to the research topic.  Ethical implications are thoroughly considered and the chosen methodology is a strong foundation for excellent research to be carried out in an ethically sound way. Methodologically robust and will enable the research question to be answered. The ethical implications of the proposed research are analysed.

5. Use of literature and appropriate referencing 25%

Evidence of analysis and synthesis of relevant literature. Evidence of wide reading .Clear consistent & accurate referencing.

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