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1.1 Explain the responsibilities of an individual within an action learning set

Improving own leadership performance through action learning (M5.30)


Improving own leadership performance through action learning (M5.30)



Credit value:


Learning outcomes (the learner will)

Assessment criteria (the learner can)

1 Be able to use action learning for leadership development









Explain the responsibilities of an individual within an action learning set

Explain how group dynamics in action learning can enhance leadership development


Engage actively in action learning to develop own leadership performance and the leadership performance of others in the action learning set


Evaluate action learning as a leadership development technique and its role in own leadership development


2 Be able to plan and undertake activities to develop own leadership performance









Identify and select appropriate activities and sources of help and support to develop own leadership capacity

Plan activities to develop own leadership capacity

Undertake planned activities to improve own leadership performance and make judgements about their effectiveness

Additional information about the unit


Unit purpose and aim(s)

To enable learners to participate actively in an action learning set and use it to develop their leadership capability and performance.

Details of the relationship between the unit and relevant national occupational standards or professional standards or curricula (if appropriate)

Links to Management & Leadership 2008 NOS: B6

Assessment requirements or guidance specified by a sector or regulatory body (if appropriate)


Support for the unit from a sector skills council or other appropriate body (if required)

Council for Administration (CfA)

Location of the unit within the subject/sector classification system

Business Management

Unit guided learning hours


Additional Guidance about the Unit

Indicative Content:



  • The distinction between cognitive and affective skills and the effect of personality on the development and applications of these skills
  • Importance of a systematic approach to developing effective leadership skills
  • Setting objectives for leadership development and their application to work and other contexts
  • Techniques for developing personal leadership capacity
  • Sources of information, help and support for leadership development, including theorists, tutors, practising/model leaders, colleagues
  • How to overcome blockages and obstacles to leadership development
  • Monitoring, analysis and evaluation techniques
  • Gaining 360o feedback on own leadership performance




  • The nature of Action Learning (L=P+Q) as a development medium and the role of the Action Learning Set, the ‘Client’ and the ‘Set Advisor’ (refer to Appendix 3)
  • Learning styles and the impact of own learning style on role and behaviour inALset
  • Techniques for researching problems and questioning techniques to explore problems, reflection and hypothesis forming
  • Sources of ‘programmed’ learning to develop knowledge and skills
  • The political and emotional aspects of the group process

Improving own leadership performance through action learning (M5.30)

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