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7) What can folktales reveal about the lives of the poor in Early Modern Europe?

Write a 1500-word essay in answer to any one of the questions below. The essay must include endnotes and a bibliography of works you have consulted (these do not count towards the word limit). 

1. Dyer (1977) argues that ‘How we are seen determines how we are treated, and how we treat others is based on how we seem them. How we see them comes from representation’. Discuss with reference to EITHER the representation of black women in the set poems by India Hosten-Hughes OR chapter one of Sam Selvon`s `Lonely Londoners`.  

2) Connell argues that there is not one masculinity, but many different masculinities, each associated with different positions of power. Discuss with reference to George Mpanga`s `The Blame Game` (2013) AND chapter one of Sam Selvon`s `Lonely Londoners`.  

3) Love, creativity and curiosity are central to being human. Discuss with reference to the set extract from Orwell`s `1984` (1948).

4) Maplesden argues `that idealized whiteness and femininity are discursively embodied in these Disney heroines in complex and contradictory ways`. How far do you agree/disagree with this argument? Your essay should make direct reference to Disney`s `Beauty and the Beast` (1991) AND `The Little Mermaid` (1989)

5) According to Hall, in early representations `Black people were reduced to signifiers of their physical difference. […] Traces of these racial stereotypes persist` in popular representations today. (Hall, `Representations`, 1997) . How far do you agree? Please answer with reference to EITHER Mark Knight`s, cartoon of Syrena Williams after US Open, (Australian ‘Herald Sun’, 10/9/18) OR Jackie Kay`s poem `In my Country`, 1993.

6) How is the title `Call Me By Your Name` significant? Think of what it means in terms of identity and identification and how it plays out in the rest of the film/novel (you may answer this question looking at the film, at the novel, or both).

7) What can folktales reveal about the lives of the poor in Early Modern Europe?

8) Luca Guadagnino’s take on André Aciman’s novel ‘Call Me by Your Name’ has been called “an adaptation that’s utterly faithful in spirit while necessarily distinct in execution”. Discuss, with explicit reference to both film and novel. 

9) The story of `Little Red Riding Hood` was invented to teach young girls that they should not speak to strangers. Discuss.


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