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Is there a trade-off between environmental-social sustainability and economic development?

SCM Sustainability Task 1

Discussion point:

  • Is there a trade-off between environmental-social sustainability and economic development?
  • What is economic development? 
  • In pursuit of the above do we necessarily have to trample or forfeit our natural environment?
  • How doe we define social sustainability? Is it sharing resources and outcomes equitably or not?
  • How does time influence our responses to the above questions?

Instructions for assignment 1:

  • It is reflective report (choose one topic below from environment sustainability and focus on it).
  • Introduction – body – conclusion
  • You can ONLY use academic recourses
  • Harvard Style
  • 1500 words (-/+ 10%)
  • In introduction must show:
  1. Define the approach of the papers
  2. Define/discuss what is economical development
  3. How the essay will be approach
  4. Is it time influence? is it place? Is it etc…
  5. Clarify key terms (what sustainability is)? You don’t just assume!! Economic development likewise and any other keys that is appropriate


Assignment Notes from Lecturer:

Discussion points:

  • Define Economic development:
  • Improve standard and living
  • Infrastructure
  • Health
  • Education
  • Progress and opportunity
  • Human right
  • Politics
  • Law and order
  • nvestment
  • Etc…
  1. Environmental sustainability

What we could do to be more environmentally sustainable

  • Renewable energy
  • Banning plastic bags
  • I hate polystyrene
  • Change from disposable mentality
  • Plant based packaging
  • Buy less compost
  • Less processed food
  • Recycling
  • Culling fossil fuel
  • Carbon offset with purchases
  • EDI technologies
  • Etc …

There are more to choose from but make sure you can discuss it, focus on ONE subject only and relate that to supply chain.


  • reflect on the environment sustainability from the list above or another example you can provide that is interesting and easy to find academic resources for you.
  • Is there a trade-off?
  • What is economic development? Are we trading off at economic development by (any of the list above or your choice) choose only one and discuss about it

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