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Prioritising people, preserving safety, Practising effectively and Promoting professionalism and trust. Critically reflect this statement in line with one of the four Nursing and Midwifery Council’s (NMC) domains as outlined in the NMC Code (2018)

Reflective Essay in the field of Adult Nursing – Post graduate - Level 7 (Student Adult Nurse).

Title: Reflective essay on Person-centred care delivery is a fundamental aspect of the nurse’s role. 

Critically reflect this statement in line with one of the four Nursing and Midwifery Council’s (NMC) domains as outlined in the NMC Code (2018): Prioritising people, preserving safety, Practising effectively and Promoting professionalism and trust

  • Please this piece of work needs to be produced with significant evidence of ability to think critically and analytically.
  • Please write in third person.
  • Remember this is a level 7 piece of work and as such you need to support your discussion with relevant literature references.
  • Please ensure there is a lot of references in the body work.
  • Word Count 2500
  • Plagiarism report needed -/+3%
  • Reference: APA (references should not be older than 10 years)

Reflective Essay outline:

Introduction (approximately 250 words): State what your reflective essay is going to discuss, use the key words from the essay title. Here, you will need to provide an overview of any key terms/concepts you have introduced. For example, what is critical reflection. This must be supported with literature.

Main body:

Overview of person-centred care (approximately 500 words): What does the literature say this is. Give a specific example of your involvement in person-centred care based on your clinical practice.

A breakdown of the 1 domain you have chosen (approximately 500 words): From the NMC (2018) code which domain did you chose to reflect on (do not describe all 4 domains). Give an overview of this domain and its application to person-centred care and your role in providing person-centred.  

The nurse’s role and the importance of critical reflection (approximately 1000 words): On reflection how does your role as a student nurse enable you to provide person-centred care in relation to the selected domain. Here, you could consider training (both academic and clinical experience), look at the future nurse standards, look at the NMC codes in relation to the professional values.

Conclusion (approximately 250 words): Here you need to provide a summary of your key discussion points. Do not introduce any new ideas.

Marking scheme



Structure and organisation


The structure, organisation and presentation of the work is exemplary throughout.

Writing clarity, fluency and accuracy


Highly articulate and fluent writing style with no errors in grammar, punctuation or spelling.

Demonstration of knowledge and understanding 


Outstanding knowledge and understanding of topic area demonstrated. All relevant points and issues covered plus some novel or unusual aspects which add to the overall quality of the work.

Use of evidence / research to support work


Content is drawn from a wide range of relevant primary and secondary sources and integrated into the work in a highly effective way.

Ability to think critically and analytically



Critical analysis

Highly accomplished piece of work with significant evidence of ability to think critically and analytically.

Use of referencing system



Recommended referencing system used with no inaccuracies or inconsistencies of presentation noted.


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