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Statistical Anxiety

Topic: Statistical Anxiety


  • Background about statistical anxiety, why this topic worth studying?
  • What rational for making new measure
  • Hypothesis? Prediction? what did you expect to find no Ho???

The result: what was done in the raw data

  • Reverse score
  • Total scores created
  • Cronbach’s/ inter item correlation
  • Group descriptive statistics
  • Table or figures
  • Any missing data_ if so, what was done?
  • Also add:
  • Normally distributed?
  • Skewness?
  • Liner relationship
  • Homogeneity of variance


Participants: How recruited/ sampled? How many? There are 66 participants


Clearly identified Independent and dependent variable


What were they? Scoring? Scale? Reliblity? Sample?

Procedure :

Cleary state what was done in order

This is the screenshot of the data to work with and if you want me to send you the data itself let me know