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Task 1 (AC 1.1-1.2) Produce a series of factsheets for practitioners in Early Years Settings. Wherever possible examples and reflections from experience in a real work environment should contribute to evidence for the criteria.


Module Title

Sustainable Economics for Tourism and Air travel

Module Code


Module Leader




Assessment Title:

Group presentation

Assessment number


Assessment Type



20 minutes including questions and  answers

Consequence of not meeting time limit

It is essential, that assignments bep within tre tme/word count mit stated above. Any work beyond the maximum time word length will be denied and not accounted for in the final grade



Assessment Weighting:



Issue date

Week 1

Hand in date

Week Commencing 9 May 2022

Week 13; Submit PowerPoint slices & Recorded eetings online 16 May 2022 by 4pm

Planned feedback date

Four weeks after submission.

Mode of Submission

Face to face

Number of copies to be submitted

Students are not required to submit hard copy.

Anonymous marking

The assement is exempt from anonymous marking

Assessment Task:

• Analyse the economic issues that apply to a topic in tourism or air travel of your own choice. These issues could be related to an individual`s allocation of resources on travel and tourism with concerns of sustainability, an air travel and tourism firm`s choice of engagement in sustainable production options; or how a government national, regional or local. would deal with issues surfacing due to non sustainable use of resources/sites

  • As a group, you should agree the topic with the tutor beforehand.
  • Try not to use any notes during the presentation. If you do, it may affect your `Oral Presentation` dimension grade. You must use academic, peer reviewed journal articles, academic books, and academic reports to support your presentation.
  • You are advised to form groups, hold initial meetings in a week`s time and inform the tutor about the members of the group. Group members should be between 4 to 5 persons.. .The groups will they keep a record of meetings etc and submit with slides.
  • You need to submit slides the day before the presentation.
  • The presentation is to be held face-to-face.

Record of Assessment Cycle

Purpose: an on-going record of planning and feedback between assessor and learner

Learner name




Unique Learner Number


Assessor number


Unit 11 Support the needs of babies & young children with special educational needs & disability


Assessment criteria

Task 1 (AC 1.1-1.2)

Produce a series of factsheets for practitioners in Early Years Settings. Wherever possible examples and reflections from experience in a real work environment should contribute to evidence for the criteria.

The factsheets must describe:

  • statutory guidance in relation to the care and education of children with special Educational Needs and Disabilities.
  • the roles and responsibilities of other agencies and professionals that work with and support your setting, both statutory and non-statutory, when supporting children with SEND.

Task 2 (AC 2.1-2.3, 4.1)

Use examples to describe how children learn within the expected pattern of babies and children`s development from birth to seven years. Examples can be holistic and should describe the following areas of development:


  • cognitive
  • Speech, language and communication
  • physical
  • emotional
  • social

brain development

literacy and numeracy.

Explain how babies and young children`s learning and development can be affected by their stage of development, well-being and individual circumstances.

Explain the importance of the voice of the child and parent/carer engagement for the home learning environment and their roles in early learning to meet the individual needs of young children with SEND.


Task 3 (AC 3.1-3.3)

  • Reflect on how transition and other significant events can impact the needs of babies and young children.
  • Describe the significance of attachment.. Explain the key person`s role in relation to transition.
  • Discuss how transitions and other significant events impact babies and young children.


EYP 11






































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