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Write a report of 2000 words demonstrating your understanding of the models of communication, the communication skills discussed in class and the advantages and disadvantages of Communication Technology

Report (2000 words) 

Write a report of 2000 words demonstrating your understanding of the models of communication, the communication skills discussed in class and the advantages and disadvantages of Communication Technology and refer to any case studies done to show how these helped your understanding. Give examples of poor communication in your own or your friend’s workplace and suggest how it could be improved by using your findings from published literature (i.e. refer to theory). 

Your answer must cover all these things in a report

  1. Three Models of Communication
  2. Communication Skills
  3. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Communication Technology

You must use the various Case studies to explain the theories


1. Introduction

Definition of ‘Communication’, it’s importance in the world of work, the barriers that could affect the message and the consequences that may arise from poor communication.


2.1 Shannon and Weaver (1948/49)

You must show that you understand the similarities and differences between the theories. For example:

What are the important points of Shannon and Weaver?

  1. Given the time and situation, S and W were probably thinking of physical noise.
  2. Does the S/W model say how any misunderstanding could be avoided?
  3. Case Study – Maria and Pedro. How does this explain Shannon and Weaver
  4. Do you have a similar example from your workplace?

  2.2  Schramm (1954)

How is Schramm’s Model different from S/W’s?

  1. It is circular. From Sender to receiver- back to Sender
  2.  Simple description of the model - simple diagram. How could interference be avoided?
  3. Feedback.  Case Study, Maria and Pedro
  4. Workplace experience

2.3  Berlo (1964)

Berlo’s SMCR model is similar to the others but, like Shannon and Weaver, it is linear and without feedback. Interference or ‘noise’- might be caused after the message is sent and might be in the form of:

Communication skills: reading, listening, speaking. Language differences.

Attitude: Bored, not listening, assuming things.

Knowledge:  differences between sender and receiver which might result in language which the receiver does not understand e.g,if sender uses difficult words, which makes it difficult for the receiver to understand the message.

Case study? ‘The Professor and the Village People.’

Workplace examples?

Refer to theory from literary sources.

For example:

 Robinson and Robinson (1982) observed that many factors can lead to a listener’s inability to understand what a speaker means. At my workplace, for example, the supervisor calls a meeting of all staff in the morning and tells them what they have to do for the day. She is English and speaks very quickly to us, who are mainly foreigners and do not understand her. When she is finished speaking, she leaves the room and a lot of confused nurses. We do not get to ask for clarification, which could be dangerous because one of our duties is to give medication to the patients and we need clear instructions. In the case of Maria and Pedro, the confusion could have been avoided if there was feedback. Similarly, our supervisor should ask us if we understand what she had said. This will avoid confusion and accidents.


3.1 Verbal – spoken and written, choice of words, tone and pitch.   Case Study -A Day with the Chief

3.2 Non-Verbal – Body language, facial expressions, gestures. A Day with the Chief

3.3 Active Listening - paying attention and not doing other things like reading your phone, filing your nails, assuming what the other person is going to say or completing their sentences.

Empathetic listening – listening and trying to put yourself in the speaker’s shoes. Case study – Max the Multitasker

        4. THE ADVANTAGES and DISADVANTAGES OF Technology in communication



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