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Creating Portfolio Entries - Assignment Solved

Creating Portfolio Entries

Each portfolio entry is likely to take the same basic format. You can use whatever headings you like but you should cover the areas listed below:

  • Background information e.g. a description of the problem you faced.
  • Action taken e.g. what you did to solve the problem.
  • Outcome e.g. some tangible results/evidence to support your statements.
  • Summary of what was learned e.g. what new skill you gained.
  • Future plans e.g. how you might develop this further in future.

Each entry should also include (where possible) some use of theory and/or of the literature. You might use an established theory to justify the action you took or to explain why that action worked.

6 page -6topic -350 word for each topic

This is the topic use the same templet blew;

1- Employability/Professional (anaylasis skills)we can write here the development like I learned the analysis tool it will help in the job in the future like this focus o how it will effect in my future job.

2- Employability/Professional(communication skills)also here how this skills will help me in future job and how I change from unsociable person to sociable. 

3- Personal Development. (team work skills) we can write about how I don’t have experience to work with group then I learned how to respect the team how to discuss and share idea how this improve me personally.

4- Personal Development. ( Time management skills )we can writ here being responsipel and dialect and respect time something like this .

5-(  CSR, ethical or professional issues) I had here satiation we can write it here . on of our member of our group she had health problem she  had flu so she could not speak so she excuse present here part for the presentation so as a team we have a plan b we care about her health first then we deal with this we divide here part between us we know how to deal with emergence.

6- Academic/Learning ( Find useful recourse) how I learned how to find a useful academic  resources  also use the liberally of the university online .


Give brief background details e.g. what was the problem you faced?

Action(s) Taken

Explain what you e.g. how did you solve the problem?


What was the result of your actions?


What lesson have you learned from this incident e.g. what skills have you gained or improved?

Further Development

What next? How can you build on this


Include a correctly formatted Harvard reference for any information sources used.

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