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Critique ERP in the context of business functions and executive decision making to operate with relevant information in a business environment.

ERP Specification and Implementation for Guardian Locks

Task Details/Description:

This is an individual assignment and concerns the analysis of a case company business processes and the development of a proposal to justify the implementation of ERP in the firm.  For this purposes, two interviews with the client will be used to gather data about the company’s requirements and constraints. The analysis and design work are assessed through submission of an individual report that documents the company analysis completed during the module. In addition to analysing the business, the report should cover the specification and selection of a suitable ERP system and the business case for ERP in the case company. Assessment around on-premise vs cloud ERP will be desirable.


You are acting as a consultant for Guardian Lock. Your report will be approached as recommendations for the organization. You need to help them analyse their processes, reflect on the role of an ERP system can play to help them to improve their operations and business objectives.  

Briefly describe the case organization, it’s objectives or business gaps and discuss with relevance to specification, recommendation and Implementation of ERP system.

Your tasks include (but are not limited to):

  • Analyse each of the core functions in the company
  • Identify cross-functional processes & map them
  • Use the mappings to identify potential business improvements
  • Investigate the functional capability of ERP systems
  • Select an appropriate ERP system for Guardian
  • Identify suitable modules for Guardian (System specification)
  • Plan the implementation in the company
  • Put together a business case for ERP in Guardian

Module Learning Outcomes Assessed:

  1. Critique ERP in the context of business functions and executive decision making to operate with relevant information in a business environment.
  2. Examine ERP products and their business functional support in business environments.
  3. Assess implementation strategies and activities for an organization in deploying ERP systems.

Presentation Requirements:

This is an individual report and you will submit one report.

Word count: Submit a report of 2500 words (excluding Appendices and References). Word length penalties of up to 10% will be applied for reports above or below agreed limits.

Assessment Criteria

Marking is carried out in accordance with the guidelines given in the student handbook, in particular focusing on

  • understanding of the literature, concepts and analysis
  • systematic evaluation of theory and experience 
  • reasoned argument and judgement 
  • acknowledgement of sources 
  • clarity and accuracy of writing style

The distribution of marks will be as follows:


Core functions

Process maps

Business improvement/gap

Specification for ERP system

ERP System Selection (SAP, Oracle, etc.)

ERP modules


Business Case


Essential Reading for Coursework Task

(if in addition to reading provided in the module outline):

Please note that this is not intended as an exhaustive or definitive list of readings for this piece of coursework. Instead, the articles/chapters listed below should be viewed as core or essential readings that may act as a start point as you prepare to tackle this assignment:

  • Monk & Wagner (2013) Concepts in Enterprise Resource Planning - read the relevant chapter for each lecture
  • Magal & Word (2009) Essentials of Business Processes and Information Systems
  • O`Leary (2000) Enterprise resource planning systems: systems, life cycle, electronic commerce, and risk
  • Successful ERP Systems a guide for businesses and executives, - Nestell, J.G. Business Expert Press, 2018.
  • Enterprise resource planning: fundamentals of design and implementation – Ganesh, K, Springer 2016.
  • Critique ERP in the context of business functions and executive decision making to operate with relevant information in a business environment.
  • ERP: making it happen: the implementers` guide to success with enterprise resource planning - Thomas F. Wallace, Michael H. Kremzar 2001 

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